ProMediaGear Takes Their Dual Curved/Straight Slider to Kickstarter

ProMediaGear Takes Their Dual Curved/Straight Slider to Kickstarter

Earlier this year at WPPI, ProMediaGear showed us something we thought was really awesome: a slider that easily flips between curved and straight. It's a really simple idea that no one had ever thought of: why can't the two types coexist? Now ProMediaGear wants to get their slider to market faster through crowd-funding on Kickstarter.

The PMG-DUO slider features industry first dual action curved and straight back-to-back tracks, giving you immense artistic freedom. Foldable and removable legs and weighing only 3 lbs (24inch) make it a breeze to travel with. The anodized core is CNC machined from solid piece of aluminum and comes in three sizes 24, 36 and 48-inch and contains multiple 3/8 and 1/4-inch threads providing flexible mounting options. Clamping mechanism on carriage clamp let's you adjust grip to the track and change track locations from curved to straight and vice versa. Dual bearings on each wheel keep the movement smooth and steady. The curved track let's you keep subject in frame while sliding around it to give you a different motion look.

When I used the slider in person, it was just as smooth and silky as I would expect from a high-quality slider. It was also not particularly heavy for its size, and the fact it was really two sliders in one made it an easy sell. The design of their wheel and rail system looks like it will also be resistant to causing jerking and stopping if the rail gets dented or dinged, a common issue with many sliders.

promediagear fstoppers slider 1

promediagear fstoppers slider 2

promediagear fstoppers slider 3

Slider Specs:

  • Slider Length (specs for 24inch) - 24 inches
  • Travel - 20 inches
  • Folded height 1.5 inches
  • Use build in legs or attach to tripods/support in middle or ends on each side
  • 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounting threads in carriage and track centers
  • 24-inch Slider body weight 2.15 lbs = 975g
  • 24-inch Fully assembled slider with legs/knobs - 2.91 lbs = 1320g
  • 36-inch Slider body weight 3.33 lbs = 1510g
  • Carriage weight - 0.69 lbs = 313g

You can get more information or back the project on Kickstarter. What do you think of this design? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jake Brown's picture

How is their Kickstarter video so bad?

Let Kickstarter be the domain of projects that need starting, not projects that already have a product on the market.

Adam T's picture

Those guys should sit on one of those drill bits for making that video.

Who in their right mind thought that sounding like chipmunks was a good idea??? They have a great product, but this is an epic fail in marketing. Just the sound and quality of that video turned me off from wanting to contribute.

Wow, that video is so bad...I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I boycotted Quiznos (sandwich shop) for the last 15 years due to their horrible squeaky commericals. I don't even have a desire to view this Kickstarter page even though I am in the market for a slider.

Agree with the comments above.
I continue to be amazed at video production related Kickstarters with terrible video. Bad audio and bad lighting etc. Scorpion light's was similar, although at least they didn't speed things up!