A Relatively Cheap Way To Get Started With Timelapse

Timelapse videos have becoming incredibly popular over the last year. If you happen to be one of the many photographers interested in getting into this growing feild, you may want to check out Kessler's new basic controller. This gear is by no means cheap but it is far less expensive than it used to be. Check out the video over below created by Tom Guilmette.

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Kevin Crocker's picture

Relatively cheap for whom? Rich bastards?

Patrick Hall's picture

To people buying camera gear on the regular maybe? This isn't that bad is it?

Randy Halverson's picture

Cheap?  Dynamic Perception is way cheaper in price, but not cheaply made. 

Patrick Hall's picture

I just looked up the DP version and it looks to be about $400-500 for the system while this is $600-900. In the photo world where many items are $1500 these both seem about the same in price and relatively inexpensive right? Much cheaper than buying a full frame camera or 2.8 lens :)

Randy Halverson's picture

Kessler stuff is nice, but the $600 price is just for the controller, it doesn't include the dolly.  If you wanted a 6 foot dolly like the DP, that is an extra $1600 and is really a 5 foot dolly.  The DP system total price is $900 including the dolly and controller.  I have the DP system and it works great, especially for the price.  You can see the results of it on my site dakotalapse.com

great product, but all you really need if you're getting into timelapse is a tripod (and if you're a canon user you need an intervalmeter).  this kind of product is for really serious timelapsers, so no need for this if you're just starting out.  kessler does make great products- i just ordered their 12' crane.

I LOVE the color of the wall behind him.  A green screen ready to at any time!

Title is misleading.... :(

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Yes he should have said moving time-lapse. Of course you can do motionless time-lapse for the cost of your camera and lens

I got started with timelapse using an old D100, and a stock lens.   on a tripod hitting the button manually....   why is spending so much money the "cheap" way of doing it?  OK, I now use a nice intervalometer, but why do I need a rail system?   (they're amazing and give incredible results, but cheap? no)

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This system let's you get moving time-lapse shots similar to the videos we post on the front page. How can you get sliding time-lapse shots over the course of 30 mins without one of these? Doing it manually would drive me crazy

I agree that the moving shots are spectacular, and if you're serious about timelapse it's definitely the way to go.   Maybe it's just the title of the article setting false expectations?   Since relatively is such a weird word to use.   Relative to what?   Relative to the ultra expensive rigs out there?   You bet it's relatively cheap.   Compared to a cheap webcam and some free software?   This is massively expensive....

using a red to make a internet video...what a beast haha

i cried deep inside when he did that.

Extremely cool stuff for those with deep pockets. It's a nice commercial for gear a production company could afford, or maybe the doctors and lawyers who have considerable amounts of expendable cash to dump into their photography hobby. But from what I've seen, the basic control bundle is $600+, the pocket dolly is $600+, then add in a decent fluid pan head and rail system/matte box (his Redrock Micro clocks in at $995 sans rails) if you're inclined, and you've got a serious investment. The revolution head crane he showed as an aside is $1900. So ultimately, yes, "cheap" is a very subjective and relative term.

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Nice video again from him - his site is worth following.
Appreciate someone showing us when things go wrong too.

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Why dont the lights in the coffee table go off after the battery is unplugged? If you are going to tell me about equipment being expensive, or not so expensive... give me real numbers please.  I want to hear, This is X product, so and so and so and so sell them, you can get one today for X money.

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I like a lot this idea of motion in a time-lapse and you tell me what are all the equipment that was used including the tripod, please and thanks