A Review of the Gitzo Adventury 45L Backpack for Wildlife Photography Gear

When you think Gitzo, you probably don’t think backpacks. The premium tripod manufacturer does, however, offer a promising bag for wildlife photographers who are lugging around big prime lenses and fully gripped camera bodies, not to mention some beefy tripods.

In this video review from wildlife photographer Simon Wantling, he takes a closer look at the Gitzo Adventury 45L backpack and gives his personal list of pros and cons as well as an overview of how he sets it all up. If you’re shooting with some serious gear like Wantling’s Canon 1D X Mark II and 600mm f/4, you’ve probably realized by now that there’s a limited number of bags out on the market that can handle it. Fortunately, in April 2018, Gitzo stepped up with the Adventury series to help fill that role.

The Adventury rear-access backpacks feature a water resistant exterior, an expandable roll top compartment, and a removable waist belt. As Wantling demonstrates, a tripod can fit securely to the outside of the bag with no problem.

The Gitzo Adventury 45L is priced at $329.88 and available now. There’s also an Adventury 30L version that costs $199.99 if your needs aren’t quite as demanding.

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John Lam's picture

i gave up on the design on this bag
i full load this back pack and carry nearly every day and both strap cannot last for half a year
when the look at the how it fail it both strap fail at the same point, the sewing a the low part for the strap padding failed because the full backpack load basically concentrated at the sewing point and the service material of the strap just tear off

Kurt Hummel's picture

I've used this bag for a couple years now, I mainly use it for my carry on item when I fly. I'm able to fit a Canon 600/4 100-400, 24-70 F4, 1.4 and 2.0 TC's in with my 5dsr with grip and 1DX2 bodies it's perfect for that but once I get to where I'm going I put the 600 with body on it into a Lenscoat Xpandable bag that I use as one of my checked bags, usually with my tripod and jackets in it.