Rumored Canon 6D Specs

Rumored Canon 6D Specs

While some of these specs don't seem right, it's likely that many will in fact be accurate. And on the heels of the Nikon D600 leak, this could be quite a competitor, but price might be a bit of an inhibitor, seeing as it'll certainly be in a different class. The question is, will people care?


- 22 megapixels, 35mm frame
- 4.5-5fps
- Flip-out screen (I think this one is hard to believe)
- Built-in flash (also questionable)
- 19pt AF, 63-zone metering
- 3-inch LCD (maybe touchscreen... I think if it's flip-out, it will be touch screen; but not if it's fixed)
- 12,800 ISO
- New battery and grip with a GPS and Wifi grip option
- Built-in connectivity software (meaning an adapter/dongle will likely be required to fulfill the hardware needs of wireless connectivity)


UPDATE (again, from
No flip-out screen
No built-in flash

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Nicholas's picture

Honestly, you can take out the touch screen, even the flip out screen. Give me a Full Frame sensor with solid dynamic range in a 7d body or better with 7d style autofocusing and liveview. That's all I want. I'll go out on a limb and say scrap the HD video function too. I can always rent the amazing C300.

The flip out screen on my 60D is insanely useful though...

Adam's picture

Check out the update... :-) Sorry, Jaron. I don't mind...I think flip-outs are just another thing to break... If I want to hold the camera up, I burst 5 shots with slight adjustments and pick the best one later...not a huge deal...

So isn't the 5D Mark III what you want then?

Avrohom Perl's picture

Crazy as it sounds, I want a pop up flash.

Just to trigger my canon speedlights.