Rumored Specs About the Canon EOS R5 Mark II Emerge

Rumored Specs About the Canon EOS R5 Mark II Emerge

It's going to be an exciting year for Canon fans, with the EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R1 expected to be fully announced. And to hold you over until the EOS R5 Mark II is announced, here are some rumored specifications.

The specs and features, reported by Canon Rumors, include:

  • 45-megapixel stacked sensor with faster readout than the EOS R3
  • Preburst shooting for fast action
  • 30 fps burst rate with mechanical shutter
  • Improved eye autofocus
  • Smart Controller
  • Improved heat management for video work

As for timing, signs point toward a mid-summer announcement and release at the moment, which would match that of the original EOS R5. No doubt, 30 fps and a 45-megapixel sensor would make the EOS R5 Mark II quite the workhorse, just like its predecessor, and I am sure it would be a highly popular camera. The 5 Series has long been the camera of choice for a ton of photographers across many genres, and it is arguably Canon's most balanced series, sitting above more budget-minded full frame options and below the stratospherically priced and more specialized 1 Series (and now, 3 Series). Hopefully, we will hear more about the new model soon! 

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Sounds like the R5 MII will be a Nikon/Sony flagship killer. Even though it is a third tier down Canon camera.

Well, except that the Z8, which isn’t even Nikon’s flagship camera, already has 45mp and a 30fps burst rate 🤷‍♂️

Yes, Canon is simply playing catchup. There is zero new in these specs that isn't available in other comparable cameras from other brands (I did see a rumor that the R5II would contain better AF eye-control than the R3, which would be a standout feature if it actually works better than the R3's version). Don't get me wrong. I love my R5, and it was a great all-around workhorse that had no serious competition at the time of release. But time has moved on, and Nikon and Sony have both made great strides (especially Nikon in terms of both great bodies and lenses). Canon will sell a ton of the R5II, but many Canon users will be left lusting after some of the innovative offerings from the competition.

I’ve heard it labeled as a “wow” camera so I’m sure Canon has specs that will impress. One thing for certain is that Canon has been tight lip about it. Hope some actual specs leak soon.

Often there are still a few surprises from the specs when its actually announced/released. I have an R5 as well and have loved it from the start. I'm really intrigued with the eye AF. Maybe with a second version it will perform as we hope it might? I'm eager to see if how much better iso performance is. More and more today I shoot in lower light than in the past.
General autofocus improvements will be welcome too. I bought an R8 as a second camera and the autofocus on it is definitely better as it is similar/equal to the R6mkII and the R3. If there is better AI in servo mode, that will be welcome. Particularly if I can select priority subjects at the beginning of an event to seize focus on like the bride or groom at a wedding or maybe a particular sports player during a game.

The Z8 has 30 fps mechanical shutter? Really?

Z8 is 20fps mechanical and 30fps electronic, I believe. You’ll know, as you’ll have run off and checked so that you could be a smart arse. And the R5 ii has 30fps mechanical shutter? Really? You know that for a fact?

I never claimed the R5 Mark II has anything. I simply asked if the Z8, with which I've no experience, actually has 30 fps mechanical shutter or not.