Sekonic's Newest Meter Gets a Little Touchy

Sekonic will have a new meter series for Photokina, including the L-478D and L-478DR. What's new about these? These are the first meters with a beautiful color touch screen. Supposedly, there's never been an easier light meter to use...

Essentially the same, the only difference between the two models is that the L-478DR adds wireless flash control with a built-in Pocketwizard unit, not unlike previous, similar variations in the rest of Sekonic's past pro line. In any case, not only does this model look sweet, but if you want to change a setting, you just touch what you want to change. No more holding buttons or pressing certain button combinations in order to change various settings. This is the most intuitive meter you've ever seen.

Additionally, the meters can be calibrated to your camera with either the Sekonic Exposure Profile Target II or the popular X-Rite ColorChecker. That's not a bad feature! By pre-programming your meter this way, the L-478D series will remember your camera's dynamic range, allowing it to be aware of instances when certain elements in the scene might be out of that range at current settings.

Be sure to check out the videos for more information if you haven't already. This is some neat stuff! No word on pricing, unfortunately, but we'll know soon, as this should be available at the end of the month.


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Are any digital photographers still using light meters, and if so, why?

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Flash meetering?

Any photographer who shoots strobe in studio or on location uses a light meter.

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And film sets...extremely useful on film sets when you want to make sure you're not blowing out certain elements when you're dealing with multiple key lights, etc.

I don't, but I am wanting to get one someday. No matter how sophisticated your in-camera metering is, it's still reflective light that's being analyzed, and not incident (which is best).

Very useful device. Can´t wait to get it.

When dealing with ratios of light in the studio I find it helpful to use a light meter.  

Thanks all

I have NO use for one of these, but I want one all the same. ^_^

JUST bought a Sekonic L-308S 2 weeks ago...need to see if B&H will take it back and give me store credit. :|

Some of my best landscapes and studio images would never been possible without huge amounts of post without my 758DR. It's a tool I use daily and without exception.. The idea that the internal metering on your bodies will handle all the exact functions of these meters is ludicrous. Although this is the first release of a new meter from Sekonic in quite sometime, I don't really see any high points here except it's more attractive to younger people with the need to manipulate a touch screen.

If you're serious about knowing the hows and whys of what's taking place just before exposing your image, buy a meter, profile it to the lens(s)/body((s) combinations you have and take it to the next level.

I own a L-478DR and have a somewhat hate relationship with the touch screen. If I put the meter in my shirt pocket and the setting change. From my experience you have to treat this thing with kid gloves as the settings change without much effort. I kind of wish I would have bought the analog version.