Setting Up and Calibrating a Dedicated External Reference Monitor

Anyone that has dabbled in the world of color grading knows it's a complicated art and science that can require a certain level of dedication and obsession to really get that perfect look to your videos and work. In order to do that with as little strain on you and your psyche as possible, there are a few things that you can do that will definitely aid in your work, but none are as valuable as setting yourself up with a dedicated monitor for your grading work. While setting up a fully rigged coloring studio is not a trivial expense, thanks to Aram K, you can learn how to create your own setup on a budget and still get accurate results.

That's not to say there's absolutely not going to be any sort of investment in order to get something going. However, Aram K is kind enough to break it down and walk us through his setup so that we can see what he has done with a limited investment in order to get what I would consider a comfortable setup for coloring faster, including a free screen calibration software download that works with any major screen calibration device. For a more thorough and written explanation of his setup including links to all the affiliated parts such as the Blackmagic Design DeckLink, head on over to his website.

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