ShittyRigs Reveals Hilarious DIY Side To Hollywood Productions

ShittyRigs Reveals Hilarious DIY Side To Hollywood Productions

The majority of successful filmmakers tend to have very similar stories about their humble beginnings. Cheap cameras were often strapped to skateboards or car hoods to emulate the high budget movies or commercials. Professional jibs or sliders were considered a waste of money when there was a perfectly good painter's pole in the garage. Although creating cheap rigs seems like an amateur choice, there are often times when veteran filmmakers find themselves with no other option. ShittyRigs has done an amazing job of sharing the best makeshift solutions that will humble and entertain.

From their website:

“If you have worked on a film set, you know. Grip and electric is all about doing everything you have to with all the gear you don’t have. Here’s to all the horrible things we have done with our great gear to get the shot we need.”

The site was founded by Mike Farino and Bert Mayer years ago and has offered a constant source of comic relief to the industry. Here are a few examples of the makeshift rigs submitted by users of all levels.







Check out their site for hundreds of other rigs (Including the video-light-pizza-heater). It might even give you indie filmmakers an idea for your next cheap rig.

via Shittyrigs

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Fritz John Asuro's picture

I consider this being resourceful as creativity is not limited by the depth of your pockets.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

Truth! And sometimes less is more.

The links in the article don't work. In fact the url doesn't seem to work at all, but (without www.) does.

I'm a combat photographer and when I didn't have my night vision lens, I sacrificed not being able to see at night so my D3 can.

This is what I meant for the comment below

Haha, they did publish my shittyrig :D
Flycam + C500 and bottle of pepsy taped...

yeah, a post without trying to sell something! ;)