Shooting NFL Football With the Sony a7R IV

Traditionally, professional sports photographers use top-level cameras with low-to-medium resolution, as these cameras typically have the fastest frame rates, which are needed to capture professional athletes in action. But with Sony putting fast burst rates even in their higher-resolution cameras, sports photographers can now have the best of both worlds. This great video discusses using a Sony a7R IV for NFL football photography.

Coming to you from Nick Page, this interesting video discusses the use of the Sony a7R IVFE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS, and FE 600mm f/4 GM OSS for NFL photography. One thing I absolutely love about my a7R III is that it combines a spectacular high-resolution sensor with a continuous burst rate of 10 fps, making it a uniquely capable camera for following action while still leaving room for cropping and playing with compositions after the fact. The a7R IV ups the game even more by adding 19 megapixels. This is particularly useful for sports and wildlife photographers, as it enables them to follow the action while leaving a bit more room in the frame to create a composition later instead of worrying about it too strongly in the moment. Check out the video above to hear Page's full thoughts. 

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