Simple GoPro Mounts That Give You So Many Options

Simple GoPro Mounts That Give You So Many Options

Have you ever wished you had more GoPro mounts, because it was such a time-consuming operation to unscrew it to add to another and then missing the moment because of it? This solves that problem.

Can you imagine being able to remove your GoPro from your chest mount and slapping it onto your helmet mount or tripod without any screwing or unscrewing? This magnetized mounting system from Snap Mounts will do just that, and you can say “screw it” to screwing.

It works with very strong magnets, and you have one mount that stays on the GoPro, and then you add the others to your clamps, tripods, chest mounts, and whatever else you mount your GoPro to.

Once you see it, you can’t imagine that no one ever thought to it. I asked Snap Mounts to send me a sample kit to test for review, and can tell you that my GoPro and mounts are now in the bag, and I can quickly get filming when walking around the city or going for a bike ride.

The Technical Aspects

There are four magnets on each corner of each plate. One is mounted on the GoPro, and the other is mounted onto your GoPro mountable accessories. Once the GoPro plate is on the GoPro, it can also swivel, which makes it easy to change once you alter your position, like when riding a bike or when you're doing a video showcasing something in your hands.

They've designed quite a clever under-the-shirt magnet, which makes it seem like the camera is stuck on your t-shirt, and you can adjust the length of the lanyard to raise or lower the camera on your torso. The magnets don’t come off even with a hard shake. The rest of the mount is also made of robust, hard plastic, and it’s not going to break anytime soon. 

Experiencing Freedom

I can’t imagine not having these mounts with my GoPro now. They've brought a whole new dynamic to my shooting decisions, and I now contemplate which angle, from my cap or chest, will better fit what I’m trying to shoot. 

What I Didn't Like

I think they should create more variants with mounts included. I didn't have a clamp, so I ordered one, but it would be great if they included these in their range. 

What I Liked

The idea of using magnets to mount a camera is the future if you consider the ease of use and the convenience of saving time and effort. This mounting system gets the friction out of the way and gets you shooting. If you’re looking at starting documenting your day without any hassle, this is your answer.

It's made really well, and it feels as strong as action sports gear should be. It will get some scratches, just like a GoPro would,  but who cares when you're getting the shots. It's not going to break, and the magnets are cast inside and won't fall out and get lost either. 

I thought about buying another GoPro, but at $39.99 for the SnapMount or $69.99 for the mount and two adapters and a mat (to avoid scratching anything), I won’t need to.


I really like the fact that someone considered a solution to a problem that so many of us didn’t know we had. Check it out here.

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Jake Rich's picture

Mounting under the shirt for POV shots looks cool but how stable is when running or jumping or practically using it for performing action? I've tested out Insta360's version of this magnetic mount they created for their "Go" camera & it's not the best. Just curios. Anyway, thanks for the article