Some Big Canon Lenses Are Likely Coming Soon

Some Big Canon Lenses Are Likely Coming Soon

We have recently seen Canon discontinue more and more DSLR lenses as they continue their transition to mirrorless, but thankfully, there are a lot of mirrorless lenses on their way to replace them, and it looks like we will see three more quite soon. 

Canon Rumors and Nokishita are both reporting that Canon will be announcing three new mirrorless RF lenses in the next month or so, the RF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro, RF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM, and RF 600mm f/4L IS USM. All three of these lenses have direct counterparts for the EF mount, with the 100mm f/2.8L Macro being a popular choice both for close-up work and as an ultra-sharp portraiture lens, particularly given its more affordable price compared to dedicated portrait lenses. Meanwhile, the 400mm f/2.8L and 600mm f/4L are more specialized, generally used by sports, wildlife, and bird photographers who need a ton of reach with plenty of light-gathering power to keep their shutter speeds fast. In recent years, Canon released Mark III versions of both lenses that focused on reducing weight while maintaining top-level optics, and it will be interesting to see if they can make them even more portable with the RF versions. We'll likely see both these lenses in the hands of a lot of photographers at the upcoming Olympics.

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Stephen reef's picture

I bought a 5d iv last year and already owned several L lenses. When this camera goes, I'm done with Canon. They just put the 90D out not long ago and almost immediately move to discontinue manufacturing lenses for the camera. Not sure what bran I'll move to, but it won't be Canon.

Richard Kralicek's picture

Really? There are tons of existing great lenses from Canon, and there will be. Ok, they won't upgrade the EF lenses, but will you ever need those upgrades? It all depends on what you want.

Canon made a big "mistake" when changing from FD mount to EF, as you couldn't use FD lenses on a EF mount camera, but with the RF mount you can use all of them, even old FD lenses (I have 3 of them, 35/2.8 tiltshift, 7.5mm fisheye and 85/1.2 L; AF doesn't work, but you have focus peaking and that's all I need).

You could probably use your gear until it falls apart. Who knows what goodies you will be able to buy then?

g coll's picture

It’s not like the existing (huge) range of lenses will cease to exist. You said you already have L lenses so you probably don’t need many (if any) more. And if you do then the second hand market will be bigger than ever before. Your comment makes no sense.

Pedro Pulido's picture

when that 5d IV dies, all you need is an adapter for RF mount and you can buy whichever Canon you'd like. But because Canon's decision to follow evolution doesn't fit your needs, you will sell everything you own and move to a new system. wow. Have you met common sense?

Robert McCaslan's picture

Yes, it makes me wonder when it is okay to discontinue a line. Should they announce a year, 2 years, or 5 years in advance? And what system are you moving to? Nikon is doing exactly the same as Canon--they just haven't made their decision as clear yet--and Sony abandoned its non-mirrorless platform (slt) years ago. Pentax is the only company still committed to introducing new DSLR gear (again, it's not clear what Nikon is doing but the writing is on the wall). If I'm truly committed to DSLR systems, rather than walk away from Canon, I'd pick up a 5dIV on closeout or a lightly used model and make those last for the next decade. But there's no point in abandoning Canon, you really have no where to go.

Cliff Batson's picture

Stephen, let me beat you up gently. :-)

Your 5D MkIV is a fantastic camera with a long lifespan. That camera is better than every camera that ever took an iconic photo.

Your L glass will work great on a new RF body with an adapter. I bought the $999 Canon RP body which (t the time) included the adapter for my EF L glass. I expect I'll eventually switch over to pro RF bodes - but the pictures won't be any better than what I can take now with my EOS 1DX Mk ii.

So, don't worry! It's not as bad as it seems. Enjoy what you've got. Maybe even pick up some cheaper used L lenses as people sell to convert to RF! Those EF L lenses will last you the rest of your life.

Take care,

Tommy Lyles's picture

This strikes me as an illogical and reactionary comment. The glass you have should last decades. Yes, bodies get upgraded and mounts change, but your L glass will work with many subsequent revisions of those. I have Leica glass older than my 54 years on this planet that work great with my digital versions of the M system. I do hope (and expect) that my existing Canon L glass lasts longer than my current body(ies). Does that mean I'll never upgrade lenses? No, but only when I see something beneficial.

Tdotpics photography's picture

i would get that lens but i am a nikon/ sony guy

Geeta Nambiar's picture

I look forward to how much more sharper can the 100mm be, though I'm anticipating for the new RF 135mm with f1.4 possibly? The weight of it is going to be challenging no doubt.