Sony Officially Announces Its New HDR-AS10 and AS15 Action Cams!

We discussed a teaser that Sony put out earlier about their new action cam a while back, but it's finally here! Yet another contender in this segment for the action junkie...

Waterproof to 197'/60m
Full HD @ 30p
Image Stabilization
HD slow-motion mode (60fps/120fps)
HDMI output
Built-in stereo mic
Memory Stick Micro and Micro SD/SDHC slots

The HDR-AS15 will cost you an extra $70 for the added convenience of built-in wifi, making it $268 while the AS10 only $198 (Click on the links to pre-order from B&H).


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Dan Stone's picture

some of those shots are a little misleading.... some def not taked with the camera due to DOP! but HELLO to 120fps! :P

Yeah that 120fps is killer.  I want one of these really bad.

The screen, image stabilization and 120fps alone make it easily a GoPro killer. And the form factor makes it better for side-mounted helmet cams. I think the only negative I can really think of at this point is lack of accessibility. GoPro pretty much had the market cornered for this type of thing and it'll take Sony a bit to get a good foot hold in that market. 

I think if they keep making these and offering them at these prices, that they can only get better. Especially with their recent lineup of sensors and imaging technology. 

It's good to see something that isn't a box with a fisheye on it. 

"170° angle of view"
So, really, it is a box with a fisheye on it. It's just a different shaped box.

Casey's picture

i may be nitpicking but i am not a fan of it taking micro SD cards

Zack Williamson's picture

MicroSD is kind of a bummer because it means buying a whole new set of cards too. I have no regrets about buying another GoPro2 earlier this week, but I'm curious how this stacks up against the current offerings from GoPro and Contour

Now if only someone would come up with a camera that zooms. Being stuck at a wide angle view for every shot is a deal killer for me.

I don't know I want to be handling a zoom option when flying down a double black diamond, or a super tech mountain biking trail, i think regular cameras will give you those options.

I was thinking more of set and forget.

Waterproof? Is the camera waterproof, or does it use a housing like the GoPro does?

Ian Ludwig's picture

 From the source link specs:

Waterproof Housing Good to 197' (60 m)

I JUST got an alert that you replied. Looks like Disqus is lagging. Thank you for the info, though.

The GoPro Hero2 shoots at 120fps -- but only at 848×480 WVGA. WTF?! 120fps at 720p plus image stabilization at $198? Oh, baby. . . .

JeanPatrickBernhardt's picture

 is it just me or is some of the videoshots very grainy compared to the GoPro

Don't know how the GoPro is but stop the video at the 3 second mark, that's some serious CA going on in the mountains.

I'm definitely interested by this, especially 120fps @ 720p (it's what the GoPro2 should have had). But what will give this a chance will be the quality of the video-I'll wait to see more from it. And it has to have multiple mounting options. That's still one of the GoPro's best features and what sells it to me over the Contour and others. I don't care about being able to mount it on a helmet at roughly eye level. That's one of the must boring angles available and has very limited use.