Speedlight 270EX

Speedlight 270EX

Who It’s For:

The 270EX is Canon’s upgraded entry level flash from the 220EX. This is a great lens for the amateur who wants a cheap entry into the world of off camera flash, or the professional who wants a cheap slave flash for weddings or other situations where an off camera flash, triggered via slave, would be useful.

What We Like:

Size: This is a tiny flash that is also incredibly light, this also means it’s easy to stick this light in places you wouldn’t be able to fit a larger flash.

Slave Feature: I can see this flash as a very useful off camera flash and the slave feature allows you to trigger this flash using another flash on camera.

Rotating Head: the ability to point the flash up at the ceiling is a huge improvement over the previous model the 220EX.

Price: The price of this flash makes it a great entry level flash and the fact that it’s been recently replaced by the 270EX II, it should be slightly cheaper than the new model.

What We Don’t:

Lack of Power: While its size is useful, it comes at a price, this flash isn’t very powerful compared to its older siblings.

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