Speedlight 320EX

Speedlight 320EX

Who It’s For:

The 320EX fits neatly between the 430EX II and 270EX II in the Canon Speedlight Range. This is for the photographer that is on a budget, but still needs a bit more power and features than the 270EX II.

What We Like: 

LED light: This is a really useful feature for people who want to have an on camera video light. A full charge will allow for up to 4 hours of continuous LED light. This can also work as a modeling lamp.

Buttons: Instead of a screen that you have to wait to come up, this flash has everything on the back in the form of buttons, which makes operation much quicker and easier to use on the fly.

Remote Trigger Mode: if your Canon is compatible with the RC-1 controller, you will be able to fire this flash remotely.

Price: At $275 this is a fairly inexpensive camera that has quite a few useful features.

What We Don’t:

Lack Of Power: This flash lacks the power of its older brothers.

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