Sports Look Amazingly Good in Ultra-High Definition

I may have accidentally ruined my enjoyment of baseball. Whereas I normally watch games in 1080p, seeing how good they look in ultra-high definition has made me forever envious that I can't watch them at that resolution all the time. See just how good sports look when filmed in 8K on the Canon EOS R5.

Coming to you from Jared Polin, this neat video shows just how good baseball looks in ultra-high definition, as filmed on the Canon EOS R5. Any of my friends will tell you that I am obsessed with baseball, and while I am totally used to watching a few hundred games in 1080p, I never considered just how fantastic sports look in higher resolutions, and now, I am stuck wishing that actual game broadcasts were in 4K (or dare I say 8K). Of course, actually pushing such broadcasts live is not just an issue of equipment, but also of bandwidth, but it is nonetheless quite exciting to what might be possible eventually; the extra level of detail really helps to add an element of realism to the game. Hopefully, we will see such live broadcasts eventually! Check out the video above to see what Polin was able to capture. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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And still the richest sport in the world's official paid subscription broadcast only in 720p

It's frustrating!!

Alex, could you provide some links on how to get started with video? I do own an R5 and my photos are amazing. But I can’t get anything remotely looking Ike the videos on YouTube out of my camera. I have never edited video nor plan to start now. I just want to be able to download and play them on my 4K TV without having to use and edit a C-Log. Must I always use a C-Log to get remotely good quality? All I tried so far looks absolutely mediocre.

Yes, it's absolutely stunning!

Of course it looks good in 8K. It would look great in 4K as well! It would look good in 1080p if it wasn't compressed so hard for broadcast. This isn't a camera or TV issue. It's bandwidth!

Have you considered going to a match?

Of course! I once went to 151 straight games :)