SYRP Announces Pre-Orders for Magic Carpet Pro

SYRP announced the pre-order for the much anticipated Magic Carpet Pro. While building on the success of the original Magic Carpet, this pro-level slider boasts some impressive new features.

What Is the Magic Carpet Pro?

The Magic Carpet Pro is geared for professional filmmakers who require stable, smooth, and, most importantly, reliable tracking motion. Built to handle heavier camera systems, this pro version will quickly become a staple within the industry.

Magic Carpet Pro Features

Magic Carpet Pro features a flywheel that's built directly into the carriage. The carriage also features a bubble level for precise track-leveling without extra effort. And for safe transport, a carriage brake is standard.

Flywheel built into the carriage.

The strong aluminum tracks are endlessly extendable due to a modular track joiner system. The end caps are adjustable, and the feet have fine adjustments for precise setup.

Modular design allows unlimited extendability.

The Magic Carpet Pro also features a patent-pending quick-release system that aids in on-set usability.

Magic Carpet Pro Quick Release

Professional Payload

The Magic Carpet Pro also has the ability to produce smooth movement at any length due to its modular design. Now, with the ability to support 70 lbs horizontally and 50 lbs with a track joiner extension. Vertical payload capacity (with the camera up to 250mm out from the carriage) is 24.2 lbs, and the Magic Carpet Pro will support 50 lbs upside-down! These are some impressive numbers and will be a game-changer for the level of professional that requires the use of these larger camera systems.

Preorder Available Now

Pre-orders are open now and start at $989.

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What happened to the Genie II that was supposed to be released in November?