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Syrp Preorder for Genie II Now Available

Syrp Preorder for Genie II Now Available

Syrp's original Genie was an amazing success, built from an overwhelmingly popular Kickstarter campaign and exceeding its goal multiple times over in just five days. Today, building on that success and implementing some incredible new features, filmmakers can be delighted that the Genie II is in production and preorders are open now.


The new Genie II is small enough to still fit in a backpack, but with full camera control and high speed wireless connection, 3-axis motion control and much more. This all new design is stronger, quieter and faster than the original Genie.

Genie II's small footprint and quick release system.

The more tools in a filmmakers bag, the more options and the Genie II is sure to deliver, expanding on the original Genies core time-lapse features which photographers and filmmakers alike can get excited about. Made up of two modules, linear and pan tilt, like the original the Genie II can work with existing film equipment on the market such as dollies and sliders. This new design expands on that capability and adds Bluetooth, WiFi and USB-C for enabling camera and app control. Compatibility with the Genie Mini means you can create a more affordable 2 or 3 axis combination.

Genie II's pan tilt is ideal for use with a tripod when purchased alone. The new patent pending quick release system enables the Genie II to be clicked directly into the Linear drive for a 3-Axis setup. And the pan tilt drive also adds an internal LCD for quick setup and both modules include in-built Joysticks for movement control. Definitely some exciting new features!

Coming after the announcement of the Syrp Magic Carpet Pro, I am really excited to work with these awesome new tools Syrp has been producing and certainly living up to their "filmmaker-first" attitude.

Preorder is available now here.

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Almost bought 2 Genie for pan tilt timelapses but the new gimbals can do this with long exposures and cost around the same but you also have a gimbal.

You don't mention prices in your article, so here you go, from BH: $2,498.00 for the 3-Axis kit, $1,599 for just the pan/tilt head.

I've been waiting for this, I believe last NAB they said Thanksgiving. I hope the reviews justify the price. You can grab a 3-axis head/motorized pan system from Konova for $1,000 when on sale.
My concern about all of the brands has been noise, if it's actually quiet, I might consider it. I've had interview subjects distracted by the noise.
But Jason is right, someone needs to come out with a gimbal that you can throw on a slider and pair the movements.

Looks great but in that price bracket they're competing with eMotimo and Dynamic Perception gear... I have the Genie 1 and this device just looks too tall.