Three Reasons Why I Didn't Switch From Sony to Fujifilm

Over the last few years, many Sony shooters have been requesting certain features that still haven't been delivered. One of the main features that a lot of people seem to want is better video features. Unfortunately, Sony has, for the most part, stuck with the same video features they initially offered back in 2015. 

I appreciate that Sony has offered some incredible photography features with the latest a7R IV. Having a full frame camera that can produce such high resolution files can definitely be useful. Unfortunately, when it comes to video, Sony has really let themselves fall behind. For this reason I have been strongly considering a move to Fujifilm. 

The current X-T3 camera offers some brilliant video features. The ability to record 4k at 60p with 10bit and 4:2:2 codecs, makes the X-T3 such a compelling option. Due to this, I decided I would sell all of my Sony equipment and move over to Fujifilm; however, things didn't quite work out the way I wanted. In my latest video I discuss three main reasons why I couldn't make the switch.

I'm hoping that Fujifilm will listen and improve their already fantastic system. In the meantime, however, I guess I'll just have to wait. 

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Andy Day's picture

Rumours say a 2350 Mah battery in the X-T4 - that's a big bump from the 1260 mAh of the NP W126S. Your prayers might already have been answered. 😁

Usman Dawood's picture

If they're true which looks likely then yes that would be brilliant.

Can someone tell me what the three main reasons are? They aren't mentioned in the article.

1. battery life
2. video AF - currently too inconsistent and focus pulls aren’t smooth
3. core lenses (e.g., 56 F1.2) are old and not well-suited for video

Awesome! Thank you!

Greg Wilson's picture

There can be only one reason. If the photographer has no eyes on the front of his head. Apart from that there are no reasons at all. The colour output of the Sony's cameras is horrible.

Mark Ferencz's picture

One reason, maybe 2. Fuji has a smaller sensor with similar options in Sony body size and lens size. Exceptions in both ways. APSC is great, it's just not where you want to be in the long run... Fuji would be nearly equal to Canon FF mirrorless and Nikon FF mirrorless if they would have just pulled the trigger and went FF mirrorless 5 years ago. Instead they took the short term safe niche and then had to double down with Mirrorless MF which is awesome but has the drawbacks of what MF always has had.

Michael Holst's picture

Though Fuji has done a great job of creating a lineup of lenses that give a similar visual results that full frame has. Obviously not the same resolving power but it allows them to keep those lenses small and light. I find that their cameras feel like shooting on an old film camera which is an experience I'm always looking for. I think it was a smart move to stay away from full frame since that market is already saturated.

The GFX is your friend for that my friend... MF is superior to FF in image quality. APS-C is superior in speed, handling, video, and creates professional results still - very close to a FF ... can't see a difference with a naked eye.

Stoopy McPheenis's picture

The only times I've used the video features on my 5D were by accident.

Leigh Miller's picture

I swear UD...your credibility has gone way down during your time on FS

Why did you go into it talking about "why I'm leaving Sony" last year...the specs of both camera platforms were readily available.

Battery: I've shot 15 weddings on the X-T3 platform. Yes i have 3 batteries per biggie. I knew it going in and made allowances for that. Not a single reliability issues with cameras or lenses.

Video: Sheesh are you some big hollywood director/producer? for YT videos?

Lenses: Yes the current lineup could use a refresh.

Usman Dawood's picture

My credibility has gone down because I prefer something different to you? How does that work lol.

Leigh Miller's picture

UD...most professionals make an effort to find out if a tool will work for them long before they start making videos about switching.

And it's obvious you only gave the manual a passing glance. You know that you can modify the focus transitions...right?

Usman Dawood's picture

In video those focus settings are greyed out.

Leigh Miller's picture

You "focused" on just that...what about the battery capacity. Did you look into that PRIOR to buying Fuji equipment?

C'mon dude...I get it. You need content but it just made you look bad, and like a whiner.

I'll always take greater battery capacity when it's available but there are ways to setup the camera to leech as little as necessary. I shot 3 cities in Spain last summer on one battery for over 1200 images without a recharge. Of course your mileage will vary.

Usman Dawood's picture

and that’s why I didn’t switch lol.

What are you on about right now? I bought one camera and a lens but kept all of my gear that was working for me. I’m using Fuji in the way that I currently can due to the research I did on the system based on my requirements.

I think you’re annoyed for the sake of being annoyed.

Leigh Miller's picture

Dude I love your enthusiasm but this article is nonsense.

I rarely get annoyed after 15 years in this business. I've paid for houses, cars, etc with earnings from cameras. Debt free!

I don't think you did very much research at all. I think you did "enough" for the "gram" and Youtube.

Usman Dawood's picture

Research into the AF?

I'm looking at my camera as we speak and all the AF-C options are greyed out in video. You can't change them.

Battery life? Well I didn't switch so I'm not sure what point you're trying to raise here. Are you saying I'm wrong because I didn't switch and that battery life in the X-T3 is great? It's not, I'm I'm shooting both systems and I can tell you the battery in the X-T3 is pretty poor, especially for video.


This one is pretty obvious.

The point of the video was just to put out some of my thoughts in the hopes that Fuji improve these aspects. I mean they don't have to but it would be useful for many who shoot video. I even mentioned that it's not meant to annoy or do the typical oh this system sucks or this one is better.

I don't understand what point you're trying to raise.

Leigh Miller's picture

I shoot an average of 10 video assignments for clients per week. Talking heads, real estate, run n gun. I was able to set the camera up just fine. In fact the X-T2 was just as sufficient.

Maybe you should just "why I switched to Panasonic..or RED" if video is your main concern?

Usman Dawood's picture

Panasonic or RED don't offer many of the really important things I need. Why didn't you use Panasonic or a RED camera for your talking head videos?

"Just as sufficient" for you.

Why do you think our preferences need to be the same? More importantly, why do you think I lack credibility for having different preferences to you?

Leigh Miller's picture

Because I'm a business man first.

The X-T3 does exactly what I need at a lower acquisition cost. My turn around time is less than 24 hours for a standard project. That includes 70% of the still assignments.

And please...spare me. There is only one Steven Allan Spielberg. If it's not you or me then just relax. Read your manual and figure this out.

Usman Dawood's picture

That was a rhetorical question lol, your answer explains what I meant.

Lol where did Spielberg come into this. I don't need super expensive video cameras I'm shooting with small mirrorless cameras for YouTube.

I think you need to spare yourself.

Also just to clarify, I did make a mistake about the options being greyed out but I revised those settings now and I already had it set to -5 in the menu, I obviously did that when I first started shooting with it. The point remains about the AF.

Leigh Miller's picture

Gimme a break bro...I said I liked your enthusiasm .. That's as far as it goes.

It's one thing to create content for Youtube and Instagram. If that's your thing then you're many others do gear reviews better. MKHB..Austin Evans etc. And they aren't even "Photographers". That's fine, they have their thing and thats cool.

If you are creating for photographers this phoning it in stuff doesn't work. Tell us what really matters to get our work done. Pay some bills, keep the wife, GF and Side Chicks twerkin'.

If you are going to review a piece of kit for us, do your homework. Don't make a big spectacle of "why I switched" only to come back and write a lame article less than a year later about "why I stayed with".

The battery capacity is what it is. Hasn't improved much for a handful of years. The AF has though and it works for an awful lot of good business. So does offerings from Olympus, Sony, Canon etc.

There is no perfect camera. Choose what works for you and write about that maybe?

Usman Dawood's picture

I didn't switch and simply made some polite suggestions lol. Your reaction is actually funny.

You're just shooting in every direction with whatever random point you can come up with now.

> Research into the AF? I'm looking at my camera as we speak and all the AF-C options are greyed out in video. You can't change them.

1. Put the camera in movie mode.
2. Tap the menu button
3. navigate to the *video* tab
4. on page 3/5 there is an option called AF-C custom settings
5. Change the tracking speed

your opinions kinda...well..suck...because they are lazy and ill-informed. That's why you get backlash on every article. you don't do your due diligence.

I think everyone respects a thoughtful, well-researched, carefully justified opinion piece (even if the opinion is different than their own); however there's a consistent level of ignorance that permeates your writing/videos...and you get so defensive about it when people call you out.

I recommend putting out less pieces per week/per month and spending more time on them. Spend the 2 seconds it takes to google an answer before assuming you can or can't do something. The comments section will go better for you

Usman Dawood's picture

Just checked those settings thank you I did forget about them but I had the camera set to -5 already.

I clearly made a mistake about the options being greyed out however the point about AF still stands. In my video the AF was demonstrated with the speed at -5. It still snaps into focus and doesn't have that same focus pull look as the Sony.

It also hunts more than the Sony.

The point remains.

your opinion may not have changed, but it was formed originally on a groundwork of ignorance. Even after multiple commenters pointed out that this option exists, you stubbornly persisted in saying it was "greyed out".

this is the problem. It's not your opinions (everyone is entitled to one) that everyone dislikes -- its just that the groundwork that underlies your opinions is not fully informed. The audience is losing trust in you and unfortunately the fstoppers platform has elevated you to a position of authority (where we expect more)

sorry if I'm being harsh, I legit think you can do better and when you put out a quality piece, I'll acknowledge it

Usman Dawood's picture

My opinion was based on the actual performance of the AF. The point I made was about the feature not where it’s located in the menu.

I obviously changed that setting in the first place.

Leigh Miller's picture

Dude, you're writing/research is lazy. Just step it up a little in the future. Regain your credibility.

Usman Dawood's picture

How is it lazy? Are the points incorrect?

The AF isn't as good. The lenses aren't as good. The battery life isn't as good. They're valid points.

You just seem to think everyone needs to agree with what you think is sufficient.

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