Unboxing the New Sigma 180mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

Unboxing the New Sigma 180mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

UPS just dropped off the box containing the new Sigma 180mm f/2.8 macro lens not thirty minutes ago. I'll be testing this lens out over the course of the next week, but I wanted to share some images and comparison of size to the competitor lenses to whet your appetite. My first impression? It's beautiful, and everything I expected.

So after I got it out of the box, I took out the Tamron 180mm f/3.5 macro and the Canon 180mm f/3.5 L macro to compare the size and weight, as these are the closest lenses on the market to this new Sigma. In case you didn't know, this is currently the only 180mm macro lens that can open as wide as f/2.8, which is why I have been so interested in it. You should be able to tell from the images below that the Sigma has a much larger front element. What you can't see is the weight (obviously). It's heavier than both the Canon and Tamron, both of which are similar in size and weight. This is to be expected with the increase in body size on the Sigma.


After a few brief minutes playing with the lens, I can tell you that so far the AF has been quick, quiet and reliable. Check back later for a full review of Sigma's latest macro lens. Until then, either drool over it here, or rent it for a few bucks and try it for yourself here.

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I would find it nice if, in the group shot, you included a ruler to judge the over length and width of the lens.  Looking forward to seeing the photos she produces!

Why do all Sigma lenses come in those crappy nylon cases? Eugh!

and i guess... after a few weeks half the buyers will complain about sigmas unreliable AF.
thought.. that´s maybe not such a big issue with macro. i use manual focusing for macro most of the time.

if only sigma would have a good quality management.

i stopped buying sigma one year ago.
i had enough... sending one bad copy after the other back to amazon.
normaly it took 3 attemps to get a good working sigma lens.

that said.. this lens does look nice!

Looks awesome!!! 18.5" Minimum Focus Distance seems a little far. I am just comparing to my Canon 100mm Macro, but I guess being a 180mm makes up for that. Plus I could still use my Kenko extension tubes.

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Am looking forward to testing this lens after getting great success with the 100mm f2.8L, but not as happy with the weight. 

This might sound stupid but what are you doing with 3 macro lenses that have the same lenght and two of those have the same aperture. If I had a Canon L I would never buy a sigma even if it's a stop faster.