[Video] Philip Bloom Reviews The 5D Mark III

Even though both Patrick and I purchased the Nikon D4 and D800 the day the preorder became available (and we are NPS members) the cameras still have not been shipped to us. Ironically B&H was kind enough to send us a 5DM3 for review and we should receive it by tomorrow. Neither of us are Canon shooters so our review may take a while but until then, check out this full review by Philip Bloom.

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What does NPS stand for?

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 Nikon Professional Services

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you can send me any of your old cameras Phil, I'm broke!

it is funny to watch review of Photo camera for video features 
 only  ;-)

that's what i'm thinking too. 

This was a lovely review. Thanks Phillip! The 5DM3 is on my purchase list. Despite it's 'failings', from what i've seen and read, I think it still has it's place and edge despite what the competitors also have over it.

the best review for any camera i've ever saw before. Great Job philip...i await your review on the D4 and D800/e

Lovely to see a review from an individual who absolutely knows what he's talking about (A rarity in the blogging age). I hope we get to see a review from the RAW/still side of things from an equally competent source.

I showed up to a Nikon product exhibition thing (a "come play with our new stuff") and after playing with the D4 and D800 I settled on going for the 4. Knowing some friends and colleagues are still waiting on their shipments, I asked what the process would be in terms of shipments and waiting lists, and the woman went behind the counter and took a D4 box out, of which I am the proud new owner. No preorder or anything.

haha! thanks for rubbing it in

Sometimes it doesn't hurt just to go and ask for one in person! (Like those D7000s at Best Buy)

Also, try Costco or London Drugs, because they'll get a few but how many people do you think went to Costco to preorder?

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Most of reviews these days are sponsored and feels like advertising.
I was skeptic when I pressed play but fortunately Philip Bloom sounds very objective.
And I love his passion to movie making in his voice.

i agree...either they feel like sponsored (which i don't think anything is wrong with it) or it is for entertainment with funny lines and comical scenes which sometimes gets off track. It is rare to see a serious review of anythings these days. This one is well done.

good review-- i agree.  i'm in the middle of a big video shoot with the mk3, and am very happy so far.  some of the new features have been a life-saver on this gig (HD video monitoring, audio, and ISO performance).  i shot with it for almost 7 hours straight today, and had no problems.  the resolution is about the same, but there's a lot of other improvements

Hey guys, since you don't shoot Canon, what do you think about sending me your MkIII once you've reviewed it? Love, your friend, Josh Cunliffe :-)