Wacom Says MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Support Coming by Late October

Wacom Says MacOS 10.13 High Sierra Support Coming by Late October

Despite nearly four months passing after Apple released the MacOS 10.13 High Sierra developer beta on June 5, Wacom apparently needs more time to sort out their tablet drivers for the new operating system. High Sierra was released today to the public, however Wacom is advising not to upgrade just yet to keep your tablets working.

In a tweet sent out today by the company, Wacom pins late October as for when to expect the driver to be updated. In the meantime, it is suggested by Wacom to not update your system from MacOS 10.12 Sierra which is the latest version to be supported by their tablets.

The tweet links to Wacom’s support page which gives the following statement:

Driver for 10.13 High Sierra

Apple has announced 10.13 High Sierra will be released September 25th. Wacom is currently working on a new driver update to support the new operating system. The new Wacom driver will be ready by late October at the latest. Due to nature of the changes in High Sierra, the existing Wacom driver for 10.12 will not work. To continue to use your tablet uninterrupted, Wacom suggests not to upgrade to 10.13 until the new driver is released. Once released the update will appear in the Wacom Desktop Center and posted on the Wacom driver page found here.

Unfortunately for many photographers and retouchers, the dependency on Wacom tablets to perform our jobs may mean having to hold off a little bit longer until we can safely upgrade.

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Mark Cort's picture

I'm praying this update will sort out my Intuos turning itself off all of the time as well. I love my Wacom...when it works. It's massively frustrating when it disconnects and turns itself off. It even does it when physically plugged in to my Mac.

Gerardo Barriere's picture

I was about to download it :(

Markus Hameister's picture

Me to, just deleted the download... :-(

Aleksander Michaud's picture

Wow. Just another example of Wacom having the worst driver team in tech. My tablet hasn't worked consistently/bug free for years, and the wait for updates is excruciating. Nice job Wacom, you've done it again.

Anonymous's picture

I've got the Wacom Intuos Pro M (2015 version) and have been running the Mac OS High Sierra public beta since the initial release, and "upgraded" to the final released version earlier this morning. I've not had any issues using the tablet with either the beta, nor the official release.

Stefan Ebersberger's picture

I am no Pro, but I use a Wacom Intous Pro S connected wirelessly. I used it during the Beta and now with the official release. There was only one minor issue with CaptureOne (update frequency in Brush Flow), which now seem to be solved. Apart from that, the tablet was not behaving worse than under 10.12. Maybe the wireless connection is key? With 10.13 I encountered some USB connection issues, especially with X-Rite ColorMunki (I found a temporary workaround). To cut a long story short. Your Wacom might very well work, but with 10.13 some major changes "under the hood" come along. As a Pro you should consider that. Usually the best is to test with a "non-critical" machine before installing a substantial upgrade like this one (e.g. any 32-Bit apps you rely on?). But my experiences have been quite good. Nicely improved operating system.

Richard Kralicek's picture

CaptureOne works fine? I'm using 10.2 and waiting to upgrade my Mac.

Manfred Ram's picture

Stefan, would you mind telling me the work-a-round you found for the ColorMunki ? I just wanted to start the calibration again, only to find out that the Colormunki won't be recognized and doesn't fire up. Latest drivers at XRite are from May, or so, so no HighSIerra support from their side (yet)
Appreciated. Thanks, regards Manfred

Estefan Medellin's picture

just updated and it works fine... I have intuos pro. Overall os high sierra is way faster def recommend it

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

I absolutely cannot do my job without my Wacom tablet. I'm still using my trusty Wacom Intuos 4. The legacy drivers have always worked great for me on all versions of OSX. Not sure if Wacom will ad support for the intuos 4 this time around or not. Personally, I think it sucks that Apple isn't currently supporting the Apple File System on their fusion drives Macs in OSX High Sierra. Seriously, do you know how many people have fusion drives in their Macs?! I have no choice but to wait to upgrade at this point.

Dallas Dahms's picture

I'm in the same boat, using Intuos 4. My previous Wacom, the Graphire CTE640 that I used for years, was rendered useless when Mavericks rolled around. Wacom did not update the drivers for that age model, so I definitely won't be risking a new OSX without making certain there is a driver for this Wacom first.

Apple should be lighting crackers under this company's butt.

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Do you love the programmable LEDs next to the buttons as much as I do? As much as I love my Intuos 4, I could simply buy a new one if I had to. I mean, it would be great if it were supported in OSX High Sierra though. I'm actually more upset that Apple isn't supporting the Apple File System on fusion drives at this time. My main work machine is an iMac with a 2TB fusion drive in it. So the wait begins....

Dallas Dahms's picture

The only time I use mine is to deep etch in Ps or make local adjustments in Lr. After the CTE-640 stopped working I bought the little Bamboo which was OK, but the one I got was too small and just didn't feel quite as nice as the bigger ones, so I sold it and got a used Intuos 4.

I have programmed the buttons but because I use it so little, I often forget what I programmed them to do! Using it in conjunction with my Apple Magic Trackpad actually works quite nicely. I draw with the pen and scroll with the trackpad - a 2 handed affair.

Cris Orlando's picture

@Brian, I am not even using a real Mac
I have Hackintosh here (and Mac OS is running faster here, even without a real SSD (I have an hybrid disk with a SSD chip and a SSD to cache swap) and an older CPU (i7-3770k) updated from Sierra to High Sierra and everything is working, since the Wacom old drivers to my drives and when I decided to update to HS the system did not force my to convert to the new FS ( I just had problems with Nvidia drivers, but I fixed by deleting old ones and installing the new web drivers)
And if you research (Mac forums) its possible to launch the updater with arguments to avoid FS conversion

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Nice! Thanks for the info Cris :)

anttimutka's picture

OK Wacom, I'm switching over to Huion. Nice knowing you.

Markus Hameister's picture

I just decided to give it a try...
Since it should be possible to change back to the previous version of mac OS via Time Machine.
To be save, I made 2 separate Time Machine Backups on separate external HDs before.

I just installed mac OS High Sierra on my MacBook Pro Retina with SSD (APFS now).
So far, everything works fine, I could not find any issues so far.

Wacom Intuos Pro M works fine, incl. the programmed function buttons, no problems at all so far. I tried connected wirelessly and cable.
Also Parallels Desktop 12 is doing fine so far (but there is also already a new version 13 available).

Cris Orlando's picture

Me too
And I have an olde Wacom Bamboo (MTE 450) I dont even have a real Mac and my build still has no SSD (its pricey here in BR, but I installed here in a 2tb hybrid disk with 8GB SSD chip and a msata SSD (in a PCIE slot) to use as swap partition
I installed a Sierra Hackintosh and updated to HS, and the OS told my Wacom as not compatible, but I downloaded the old driver again and its working with no issues
And even here Parallels boots my bootcamp faster than Windows boots the same Windows partition eheheheh

barry cash's picture

My works great...I been using their tablets for a long time. When It's plugged in the little lights come on does it do anything else? Oh sometimes when it's in rotate it brings up my apps, sometimes the pen doesn't respond, most of the time rotate won't work, it always wants to be tethered, it's been surprising me for years but eventually it works. Buggy yes but it's essential except for certain PS tools.

Gerardo Barriere's picture

Guys, I updated my mac to MacOS high sierra, and my wacom seems to be working fine.
I took a huge risk, but hey, it works!

Cris Orlando's picture

I am new here, and I don´t even have a real Mac
I have a Hackintosh and I updated Sierra to HS and the older drivers are working fine here
And my Wacom is a Bamboo MTE 450, so its pretty much an old model with no official drivers even for 10.12 (Sierra)
And it works fine (pressure, screen size....) with HS, and I remember the trouble I had to make it work with Windows because those MS ink stuff that never worked

Luis Velez's picture

Have anyone tried the updated Wacom drivers for Intuos Pro in High Sierra? Does it works fine? There is a driver update on Oct 11th 2017 and I'm wondeding if worth upgrading to High Sierra having those drivers...

Koe koek's picture

Working for me!

Koe koek's picture

Only can't delete this ...