What Can We Expect From the Canon EOS R5 Mark II?

What Can We Expect From the Canon EOS R5 Mark II?

The Canon EOS R5 was one of the most popular camera of the past few years, showing that Canon was taking the mirrorless market seriously by offering features like a 45-megapixel sensor, 8K raw video, advanced autofocus, and fast burst rates. With the EOS R6 Mark II now here and 2.5 years gone since the EOS R5's release, it is time to think about the EOS R5 Mark II. So, what can we expect?

Canon Rumors is reporting that new information has possibly emerged about the EOS R5 Mark II. The EOS R5 was a hit for Canon and laid the groundwork for their professional mirrorless aspirations, and we can only expect the EOS R5 Mark II to build on that. Rumored features include:

  • 61-megapixel sensor with high-resolution mode
  • Dual DIGIC X processor
  • 30 fps burst using electronic shutter (12 fps using mechanical shutter)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II
  • Internal 8K 60p and 4K 120p video with overheating protection
  • Full HD 240p video
  • Dual CFexpress type B card slots

While these are only rumored specs, they are all reasonable upgrades to the original EOS R5 and in line with a lot of the specs in other current Canon cameras, so I wouldn't be surprised to see such features. Check out the Canon Rumors post for more. 

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One thing I'm looking forward to, is:

1) Add a proper cooling and/or heatsink solution, to reduce the overheating (as Sony and others have done many years ago to the A7S line.)

2) Fix the under 70% battery life issue where the camera suddenly slows down to 12 fps (or whatever it slows down to).

3) Completely remove the mechanical shutter which is a wear and tear item (as Nikon has done with the Z9).

4) Increase FPS speed from 20 to 25-30 FPS.

5) Add in dual CFExpress type B card slots instead of only one.

In my opinion, the 45 megapixel sensor is fine - just improve it, if possible.
This is exactly what I'm saving my cash up for... Until then, I won't buy a camera that quickly overheats and/or slows down dramatically after the battery life goes from 100% down to 70% (a simple 30% reduction slows down the camera).

I've got over $4500 in amazon points just waiting to pull the trigger, once they release an R5 Mark II, which is what the original R5 should have been... I own a Sony A9, and GM lens, and I love Sony products, however.... even Sony had a hard time beating the Canon R5 - look at what they did to their A7R5 compared to Canon's R5... The R5 is 2.5+ years older, and still outspecs it other than resolution.

Can we also have a 4-axis rear LCD?

The floor under Sony's feet is crumbling. A few years ago, people went to Sony mainly cause of 3 reasons: They had IBIS, they had one stop more dynamic range, and they had a high megapixel mirrorless.
With the release of this camera next year, absolutely nothing of that will remain. Just a competitor with below average ergonomics and horrible menus.

Just start using only stacked BSI sensors in all cameras from top to bottom.
Then differentiate through features, speed, ruggedness etc.
That would be revolutionary and could be easily done through economy of scale in production.

Well i was a canon user for years and just flipped Sony. Want to know why?
The price. The amount canon is charging is just ridicolous. Sure IT is a better gear but not that much.
Sony Has really improves the menu is finally usable the customization is great, af tracking works wonders. Canon 24-70f2.0 only thing that canon got edge. The test its basically the same but canon is at least 50% more expensive.

I hope it will be quieter!

Care to elaborate why you think the R5 is loud? Ever tried silent shutter?