Why I'm Choosing to Continue Using Sony Cameras

I went through some situations over the past four months that was making me question if I chose the right company in Sony. After hours of research and really weighing the pros and cons of all the big name companies, I chose to stick with them. In this video, I’ll give you my five reasons why.

As with all professions, deciding what tools to use are vitally important to how you do your job and photography and videography are no exception. Having the right tools that best fit your workflow and your shooting style will allow you to do your best work in the shortest amount of time. This is essentially why deciding camera company to invest in is such a pivotal point for a professional.

Sony cameras have always had a certain allure about them. The size, technology, and innovation that they’ve managed to put into such a small camera is still impressive to this day. With that being said, they aren’t without cons. These cons specifically really started to weigh heavy on me the past couple of weeks after almost having a card malfunction at a wedding and going through countless batteries on the cold mountains. I had to really sit down and be honest with myself about if Sony was still the right fit for me going forward in my career. I weighed the pros and cons of all the big name camera companies and thought out different scenarios for each one. In the end, I decided to stick to Sony. No, I wouldn’t consider myself a Sony fan boy or that Sony is the be-all and end-all of camera systems. I just personally think that it fits me best for my shooting style and workflow.

Too often we find ourselves in a game of cat and mouse for if we should switch because a new camera came out from another brand. Or we build up the grass is greener on the other side scenarios to other cameras. At the end of the day we just have to remember that the camera is just a tool to bring what our vision is to light. Learn the business, train your eye, and learn how to present yourself as a professional to clients and the rest will fall into place. Just keep shooting and creating and enjoy what you have, regardless of the logo on the viewfinder of your camera.

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Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

When you’re taking anything up a mountain, even grams make a difference.

but you dont workout. besides photography i workout and that helps me stay fit and healthy. a 150 grams more or less wont make that much different s. in three months i turn 50. photography is much more than just the gear. its the vision you have, the planning or timing and the gear you are going to use. i will buy a sony but my reason is the size, not the weight and the video options. im not sure if will buy the a6500 or the 7r3. a small camera gets a different respons from the public then a dslr with a 24-70 f2.8 on it.

safe 143 grams is about the weight of a cup of coffee. i just read that nikon D850s are still out of stock in the US. i notice special offers for the sony 7r3 over here. means that nikon is outselling sony. sony is about 348 grams lighter. i see your argument but the weight argument i dont see.a lightweight sony body and than carry around fixed lenses instead of a zoom lens. i wanne sony cause i want it, i dont need a reall reason. thats how i bought my car, its bigger then my neighbors car and shiny

Jacob Jexmark's picture

" i just read that nikon D850s are still out of stock in the US. i notice special offers for the sony 7r3 over here. means that nikon is outselling sony"

Oh is that what it means? Number of units produced have nothing to do with it? Your ability to deduct sales figures based on that information is just stupid.

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

I'm highly active and I workout constantly. When you carry that extra weight all day it makes a difference. I know from multiple trips where I've carried a 5d4 over 20 miles a day on the trail.

But yes, I agree that you get a different response from people. People get scared of DSLRs lol.

hehe someone poking a Canon in your face, that would scare anyone. a smaller camera and people react different.

William Howell's picture

Yeah, Sony is the spur in the flank, I don’t know if Nikon would’ve put out such a stellar camera like theD850, if it were not for Sony.

I went with Nikon, because it was on sale at J.C. Penney’s all those years ago, that is how I went with Nikon.

Chris Ramsey Jr.'s picture

Great points, I by no means think that Sony is for everyone but I think having a dark horse like Sony causing disruption is great for the industry.

Alex Cooke's picture

It is kind of funny how randomly a lot of us got into our respective systems. I bought a Canon kit simply because of a Black Friday sale.
I didn’t know anything at the time.

bought my first canon rebel camera because of the name (all i knew) and in a consumer test magazine it said it was the starter camera of the year. for FF i went to nikon, very happy with that choice,. but now im getting into video, nikon wont offer the options im looking for so i might go with a sony just for that,. and my 2001 clock radio is sony so i know the brand.

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Chad D's picture

never mind :)