Why You Should Buy the Canon C300 Mark III: Full Review

The Canon C300 Mark III is a powerful little cinema camera that’s been getting a lot of attention since its release.

Canon has been on a kick lately releasing new cinema cameras. In December 2019, the C500 Mark II was released and soon followed by the C300 Mark III earlier this year. Before Canon announces their latest cinema camera tomorrow, here’s another look at that wonderful C300 Mark III.

In this in-depth review from Damien Cooper for Monkeypixels, he assesses the camera’s design, image quality, recording options, autofocus, and more from a working professional’s perspective. Alongside his critique, there’s plenty of great sample footage shot with the Canon C300 Mark III to dig into.

In Cooper’s opinion, the C300 Mark III has many features that benefit his commercial work including 4K 120p Canon RAW Light recording, excellent image quality and dynamic range, and for the most part a well designed build. Check out the full review above for all of his positives and negatives when it comes to this powerhouse cinema camera.

If you’ve used the Canon C300 Mark III, let us know your opinions in the comments below. Do you wish that this camera featured the RF mount instead of EF? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if Canon is ready to start embracing that future in their cinema line.

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Mike Ditz's picture

Or rent one...The Canon C cameras are nice because there is something familiar about them for Canon users.


I believe that C300 Mark III is superb camera, but dont like idea to buy anything that can not use remarkable RF optics. This is sooo important for the future. Ironically, just because of the old mount, this exellent camera is already outdated.

Mike Ditz's picture

Thats why the old saying "if it flies, floats or shoots video, rent it" makes sense.

g coll's picture

Dream camera!

Michael Comeau's picture

I wasn't in the market for am $11,000 cinema camera, but after reading the headline, I decided to buy one.

Dillan K's picture

The headline is very compelling.

Just me's picture

Timing is everything.
The C70 EOS just got announced today with similar sensor than the C300 Mk3.