Yellowbird Could Change Everything

It's pretty hard for someone to come into the film and video industry and make a huge splash but that's exactly what the Dutch company Yellowbird has done. They are using a camera very similar to what Google uses on its Streetview cars to produce not only 360 degree photographs but for the first time 360 degree interactive video! Youtube has already jumped on board with this new technology so be prepared to see videos in the future with several storylines, multiple characters, and previously unseen coverage of live events and documentaries. These sort of things really get me excited...and Hollywood thought 3D cinema was going to be all the rage :) Click the full post to see what it is like to view a large music festival in 360 degrees!
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Eric's picture

that looks crazy! Imagine making a film in full 360 Where every viewer has the option to control what they are seeing, from which ever angle. Wow...

Even that doritos music video clip is cool. it's like they're walking through a living organism, with layers upon layers continuously unfolding... wow...

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Oh and sorry this doesn't show up on the iPhone/pad. Click the you tube link to watch a apple friendly video :)

dan stone's picture

WOW thats so cool! i really hope this takes off, i could spend all day just looking at them!

Alex's picture

Interesting. Their website shows the camera set-up here:


As you can see they use an apple notebook.

The output then is done in a flash player, which, oops, won't play on an apple......


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Wow, that website link is the longest I ever saw!

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That was incredible. I want to say more, but I'm at a loss for words.

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... and now imagine that video projected in circular room 360 degrees around you :D ...
Something like surround video + surroud sound!

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I have seen it before. In Epcot Center in Florida, the China and Canada countries have a big rounded theater where they show an amazing film about their stuff. My first time watching that I was... wow. It is great to see it coming to our machines at home!!

Angela DeSalvo's picture

Wow! This is incredible, what's next??

It's a pretty simple idea ... take 5 GoPros, record video, convert video to single frames, stitch frames, convert back to video ... done

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it says, the youtube video is private..hmmm