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Z Camera Might Be A New Compact Competitor With Worlds Smallest Micro Four Thirds Camera

Z Camera Might Be A New Compact Competitor With Worlds Smallest Micro Four Thirds Camera

Z Camera is a new startup that has come out with a camera they call the E1. What makes the E1 so special is that it is the smallest micro four thirds camera at the present moment. It shoots 16MP stills, offers 4K video recording, and has incredible low light performance. All in a package not much bigger than a Go-Pro.

The E1 from Z-Camera is looking to go head to head with the likes of Go-Pro while offering a substantially more robust and versatile package. Since the E1 utilizes a micro four thirds sensor it is able to capture a higher quality image than the smaller Go-Pro sensors. In addition, it has a more complex noise filtration system for an ISO range up to 102,400.


What makes the camera really unique is the fact that it also allows for interchangeable lenses. The Olympus mount it comes standard with will allow for users to customize their shooting experience based on their needs, something which is not a possibility with the Go-Pro. Of course, this does add to the size and weight, and that impacts portability.


The E1 also comes with a companion app that will allow it to be controlled directly from a smartphone. This can further extend the creative possibilities of this camera as users can choose to shoot remotely.


Though the E1 comes with a magnesium case the camera itself is visibly not as rugged and "adventure" tailored as the Go-Pro. Accessories such as a waterproof case, which are sure to come in the future, should help solve these issues. Again, adding a bit of extra bulk, but that might be a price some are willing to pay for the kind of quality you get from such a small form factor.

For more information make sure to check out the official Z Camera Kickstarter. MSRPĀ for the Z Camera E1 is set at $699US.

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Geoff Captain's picture

This would be fantastic for aerial photography, without having to drop $8k on a huge octo to carry a dslr.

Sky Neary's picture

I would get one after the first batch is made if it turns out to be a decent camera but also want a EF mount version

Radu Grozavescu's picture

"All in a package not much bigger than a Go-Pro." You forgot : camera + lens size ;)
I think is much bigger than a GoPro device :)

Stephen Strangways's picture

The 320x240 screen resolution is a huge letdown, and that spec alone made me take a pass before considering it further. I would never be able to judge focus without adding another monitor and drastically increasing the form factor.

Jason Hudson's picture

hey! I took the product photos above. I have had the opportunity to play with this thing a bunch in the last few weeks.
The screen res is pretty low but it has a built in focus assist that is pretty convenient. When you turn the focus wheel it zooms 10x into the center of the screen. Takes some getting used to but its a breeze when you know its there.
Im working on putting together a short video that shows the video resolution. @Peter, message me and Ill send that link your way.
If you guys have any questions, I'm happy to answer them.