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Vater Drumsticks

New Vater drumsticks.
I didnt want to make an image using snare drums or other drum parts, because that was the obvious, so i focuses on the quality of the drumsticks and its wood and decided to use wood for the background.
Ended up suspending the drumsticks just to give some interest to the image.

Add more Juice

Not 100% sure if it does fit the theme

A sleepless night and a straight week of shooting and editing monitor arms or even worse, safety straps, drove me into this 'fun test'

The battery is a composite of four different exposures


Times......they are a changin'.

w/ the incurrence of Digital Media, it's hard not to realize that our images are being used in many different ways and much more rapidly than ever before.

I don't believe that old pricing models are necessary relevant these days.

What are you seeing as far as what clients are looking for...

Speaker Product Photography

Some recent work I did for touring sound company Clair Global. They wanted me to match a previous product shoot I did for them, but this time with new product. This particular setup really tested me and maxed out my gear! 4 light setup, lots of grids, feathering, and burning used. Also lots of creative "low level light stands" improvised using...

Brewery Beer Shoot

Hey everyone,

I recently did this shoot for a local brewery and thought I would share how I did them. The beer pour shot used a B1X through a 5’ octabox and a silver reflector behind the glass to light the beer. The bar top shot was a little trickier. I used a B1X with a strip box for the rim light, the octabox to light the bar and coins...

Corporate Group Photos

What are people doing/charging for adding or subtracting people when the subjects all can't make it to the corporate group photo session, or decide to leave that company?

I understand compositing and shooting people individually, but I see this is becoming more popular in my region and I'd like to know what kind of rates I can get.


I am shocked. I have to admit, I have't logged into Fstoppers in a while.....I poked my head into this group which I created in 2015, only to discover that there are 111 members!!

So. We're here. Introduce yourself, post a link to your work. Let's get to know each other.

- Karlo

Adapting for Photographing for Ads

I recently started photographing for a rock climbing gym for product advertisements, posters, newsletters, you name it.

I have to totally change my photographic style sometimes! I prefer shooting climbing close up to fill the frame, but I need to shoot wider to allow text to fit on the image. Its hard to adapt, but It is good experience...

There's no commercial group???

Started this group.......because there was none? Craziness!

Looking for like minds to share images, stories, and strategies in the commercial world. I am just starting to do commercial photography (been doing Wedding Photography for 7+ years). I'm liking it b/c the pay is good, it's usually a M-F thing, and it challenges me in different...