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Abstraction with glass

This is my experiment with glass and light.

A Seduction In Textures

Hasselblad 503cw Zeiss Planar CF T* 80mm f2.8 Ilford XP2+ Super 400

Lets not forget

Lockheed Ventura MkII

A test whilst time is standing still

closeups of a watch

Cracked Open

Comments appreciated!

Beauty of engineering

i know Phillip's brief was not to show exquisite wrist watches but the mechanics /detail of this Mont Blanc watch just...

Beauty of Applied Math

i love bridges specially these metal structures and gauge the beauty in a scale i coined RPI (Rivets per inch) :)

i will keep quiet

technology "push"

Wish it were mine!

While I'm not as into cars as much as some of you [Phillip­čść) this Maserati sure caught my eye! Beautiful logo on a...

Puppy Love No. 2

Gorgeous, huh?

Puppy Love No. 1

All will be revealed. In due course.


An interesting and noisy trip across Bass Strait to King Island off Tasmania's coast provided an opportunity when the...


It's not really. This must be corrugated iron, a material Australia seems to have been built from once you step out of...

Tis might half slumb'ring on its own right arm.

Now resting quietly in its shady haven, this brooding machinery spoke silent volumes to me of the work it has performed...

Steam Punk Cliff Face

Pearns Steam World in Westbury, northern Tasmania is a must-see destination when I go south there from my home in...

Hanging Out

I thought this might be an 'everyday' type image that I wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to post so thanks...

Music in the Sky

The delicate patterns of this old wiring reminded me of musical manuscript. Then, the composition became minimalist...

Which One do I Turn?

The velvety patina is just the icing on the cake of this beautiful and unintentional industrial sculpture. Like good...

Rust Never Sleeps

This old shed in Ballarat is now gone. Made this image just in time. I'd have loved to go back and photograph it again...