Using GOBO's In Fashion

Have any of you played around with using any GOBO's in your fashion work? Here an image I created last year where I used a potted palm tree as a GOBO. I shot a bare strobe through the plant, and filled in the shadows with a vflat from the opposing side.

I'd love to see some of your examples! :)

Hello everyone! Introducing my photography and myself


My name is Oliver and i have been an semi-pro photographer for 14 years. For the last 6 years i have been playing around with fashion photography.
I started out shooting film for the first 6 years before i moved to my first digital camera Canon EOS D60. After that i upgraded to Canon 40D, 5D and 5D Mark 2. I use various...

Editorial Fashion vs. Commercial Fashion Questions

I've researched both and found both are very different from each other. For those who know the differences, which do you prefer? Do you offer both to clients? Do you shoot both styles for personal projects? Have you tried or often mix both styles into 1 personal project?

Shoots with Unplanned Results

Hey guys! I tried to title this one as judiciously as possible haha. Back when you guys were all new and not as great as you currently are, how did you handle shoots that didn't come out as expected? On a recent shoot I tried out something a little elaborate but it didn't come out as planned, for a variety of reasons. It was just a TFP gig...

Finding the Right Models for Fashion, tips?

I've been getting more into fashion. But been having a very difficult time finding the models that give that fashion feel, like 5'8+. Can you or have you done any fashion images with shorter models? If so, please share the images and your experience on trying to make the image look and feel like a fashion image.


Hi, my name is Jose and I'm based in Switzerland close to Zurich.
Fashion and portrait photography are my main focus and that's what I like to do.

Here is a short introduction from a shoot for IRÔ (a french fashionlable)

If you like to have a look and foolow some of my activities from the photography part of my life just...

Do you work with unethical Modeling "Agencies"?

I am an advocate of models working with agencies. But not any agencies, agencies who actually run an ethical business. As you may already know the vast majority of modeling/talent/etc. agencies have unethical business practices, such as treating the models are clients instead as a coworker or part of the process to gain revenue from the actual...

How Was This Lit?

At this point in my photography the biggest thing I'm trying to get a grip of is how to get varied looks and dissecting shots trying to figure out how they're lit.

I really like the look of this, how do you think this was lit? I got as far as thinking of a beauty dish camera right, but what else is going on here ya think? Seems like a...

Creative Agencies in Love with Compositing...

I'm not ranting here but I wonder if creative agencies would hire photographers who don't composite. I've heard of some campaigns of "no photoshop" which I'm somewhat a fan of just I like to photoshop just not specifically compositing for my own style. They look great, just my specific style I'd prefer realistic looking images as much as...

Do you show off your client's logos on your webpage?

I asked this for years, nobody would answer and ignored it, only way I can get the answer is if hire a IP lawyer sadly... but hopefully someone here can answer it. But I heard 1 answer, was simply asking the client and you get permission, that was it... Do I need it in writing like a contract, ok to use logo for promotional use (public...