How to Get The New Dehaze Tool In Lightroom 6

So you bit the bullet and invested in Lightroom 6. Then Adobe announced their new Creative Cloud program and you decided you would stick with Lightroom 6 until there were new features added that could justify the jump to that monthly payment plan. Well now there is this fancy new tool called the dehaze tool. It looks to be pretty great, but it doesn’t really justify the jump from something you own outright, to a monthly payment. Lucky for you there is now a free way to add the dehaze tool to Lightroom 6.

Prolost has come to save the day. They are giving away a set of presets that will act the same as the dehaze slider with Lightroom CC. Instead of being a traditional slider though, it’s a folder of presets that you can mouse over and see a visual representation of what the effect will be.

In the video the guys over at We Are So Photo walk through how the presets work, as well as how to install them. So grab your free download and enjoy the dehaze tool in your not so outdated Lightroom 6.

[via ISO1200]

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Cornelius van Schaarn's picture

Nothing will ever justify the jump to a monthly payment plan. Nothing.

Anonymous's picture

Interesting.. looks like a combo of the highlights and clarity sliders?

YoGi G's picture

No, it uses the Dehaze module, which is lurking there in the Camera Raw engine and LR6.1 ahead but for some inexplicable reasons Adobe decided to not add the slider in the UI. This preset pack basically taps into the same Dehaze tool with predefined valued instead of slider.

Jason Vinson's picture

Interesting... How can a preset be made without the access to the slide? Are the presets made in CC and then when used in 6 they just don't realize the slider is not there?

YoGi G's picture

Well the presets are more than just saving the slider states. You can actually program and run mathematical functions through scripting in the preset file. That is how it's calling the Dehaze function and setting it's value even without the slider. I haven't tried using these presets on the pre LR6 versions, so looking at the code it won't work with LR versions prior 6.1, as far as I can tell.

Also, as you said, it's quite possible that the presets are made in CC and exported.

Carsten Schlipf's picture

inexplicable reasons = force more users to CC.

Spy Black's picture

Nothing you can't do in levels or curves. Being as Adobe has annoyingly left levels out of LR, curves will have to do. However it's nice of someone to try another approach, gratis.

Christian Leibig's picture

If you want to generate Dehaze presets yourself and have access to a Linux machine, check out the code I published on a German photography forum about 6 weeks ago.

You can use this code to generate Dehaze presets with arbitrary values or step sizes (default is from -100 to 100 in value steps of 10).

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Tony Carter's picture

omgosh...YOU ROCK!!

JB Bernardi's picture

Brilliant, Thank you sooooo much..!

Mark Wydall's picture

Update to LR6.14 first via Help in LR window. Also try the Presence > clarity control in LR Develop. This de-hazes well and is more selective than the plug-in