How to Use Any Lightroom Presets in the Lightroom Mobile App

As Adobe Lightroom Mobile has become more and more powerful with each update, more photographers are starting to adopt mobile workflows to get images out to both social media and clients faster. The ability to quickly make edits on your phone or tablet then share those images almost instantly has a lot of uses. Now in his newest video, photographer and YouTuber Peter McKinnon gives a quick tutorial on how to apply presets within Lightroom Mobile.

The ability to apply presets to any image in Lightroom Mobile may seem like a small feature at first but this applies to any presets, including ones you may have bought or even made yourself. I have several presets I use that are just basic adjustments so I can quickly send files for preview to a client. Using them on my phone would help me get a couple quick shots out to the client even faster. I also use a few presets on my Instagram images; ones I wouldn't use for other uses but help make my images fit different Instagram trends. I usually plan out my images for social media, however I post on location if it's something I think might be time sensitive.

I already have a really quick and mobile editing workflow. It heavily incorporates Lightroom Mobile and Wi-Fi-enabled cameras. Having the ability to connect a camera to your cellphone, download an image, and post to social media in under a minute can be a huge advantage when it comes to time-sensitive content. Presets can give your images elaborate edits or just basic tweaks in seconds making you one of the first to get that content online.

I used my mobile workflow to get images during the Olympics out on my Facebook and Instagram instantly. During the 2016 Rio Olympics, I took a photo of Michael Phelps preparing for the Men's 200m butterfly. It was just a fun image of him with his tongue out. I had posted it to social media in under a minute while waiting for the race to start. By the time the race finished I had received an email inquiring about more images from the race.

Getting images out quickly can be a huge benefit to beating your competition. It can also just simplify the often tedious work of getting images onto sites like Instagram. I don't take a lot of photos with my phone but I can see a huge advantage to making your own presets for phone images too.

Are you using Lightroom Mobile in your workflow? Or do you have some other methods to getting images out on the go? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear how others are using mobile software.

[via Peter McKinnon]

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Peter is putting out one great piece of content after the other.
He is one of those YouTubes I never get bored of.