How to Use Your Fujifilm Camera as a Webcam

With Cam Link USB dongles proving both expensive and sometimes a little tricky to track down, you might be pleased to learn that more free workarounds are emerging. This video shows you how to set up your Fujfilm camera to work on your Mac computer as a webcam for use in applications such as Zoom and Facebook Live.

Last month, we found a means of connecting a Sony camera as a webcam using a couple of different pieces of software that effectively piggyback each other to take the feed from the camera and make it available to software such as Zoom. Unfortunately, this has proven a little problematic as you’ll need to install an old version of Zoom and there are reports that the frame rates you can achieve are quite low.

Kim Farrelly has a similar solution for Fujifilm shooters and it seems to be a better option given that Farrelly claims to be able to film smoothly in HD. Again, it avoids the need for the expensive hardware and it’s not too intensive on the camera battery either. “I did a two hours Aikido class on Zoom last night and battery only dropped to 71%,” Farrelly told Fuji Rumors.

Let us know if you get this up and running. If you have a solution for P.C. users, be sure to post it in the comments below.

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Jemma Pollari's picture

Helpful, thanks!

Why a video? Just explain it. I hate "articles" that are just a video. Annoying.

Because fstoppers sources content from creators on other platforms, and brings it to an audience that might not otherwise have seen it. The articles also comment and add on to the original, but ultimately the creators of that original content still measure their impact by how many people visit and see their media. If Fstoppers lifted all the details from the video and wrote it out in the article, few people would watch the video and the creator gets virtually nothing out of this.
If it's one of their writers, making content specifically for Fstoppers, that's one thing. But this is just magnifying someone else's message; it wouldn't do to steal their voice.

Thanks for sharing the vid Andy. Much appreciated and I hope people find it useful. It’s nice to have good looking video as we photographers present ourselves online.

Andy Day's picture

My pleasure. 😊

Just want to add: if you're looking for something better than a webcam but don't need cinema quality, the Zoom Q2n 4k has a built-in webcam mode, easy to set up and connect external mics, durable, and 100% my rec for stepping up your streaming.