Limited-Time Lightroom 5 Price Cut, Drops to $69

Limited-Time Lightroom 5 Price Cut, Drops to $69

UPDATE: Though the B&H deal has expired, you can grab Lightroom 5 on Amazon for a cool $69. Lightroom 5, which was already on sale for under $110, for the next three hours (1 PM ET to 4 PM ET) is only $89. If you've wanted to own Lightroom 5 for a bargain-basement price, now is the time to grab it. For those of you who bought it at the $110 price, maybe there is still time to cancel the order and pick it up for cheaper.

In addition, Sigma's 105mm f/2.8 macro lens is on $300 rebate. Nab that now if you have been eyeing it!

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That's cheaper than the upgrade price. Great for new customers but for those who have resisted pirating the software and paid for the full price and upgraded, it's kind of a slap in the face.

For those who aren't in the US, you can check on Amazon, just enter in a US address and your golden!

This version just supports MAC OS X (LION or MOUTAIN LION). Maybe this is the reason for the low priced version?

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I purchased 5 back in September and looking at the price it is right now *Sigh*