Adobe Updates Photoshop With Three New Features, Most Notably "Perspective Warp"

Adobe Updates Photoshop With Three New Features, Most Notably "Perspective Warp"

The Adobe product manages and developers that I have spoken to praise the new Creative Cloud process mostly for the ability to instantly update users with new features and stability enhancements. While we have seen a plethora of updates that mostly contain "bug fixes" over the past few months, Adobe has finally given us three new features for Photoshop to get excited about: 3D printing integration, linked Smart Objects, and what is most interesting to photographers, Perspective Warp.

Though we have had options to alter perspective in the past, they haven't been great. There are numerous transformation options that can be used to warp perspective, but they tend to blur images badly and are difficult to control. Adobe's new Perspective Warp changes the viewpoint from which an object is seen easily, quickly and with (what I have been able to tell so far) very little "damage" to an image.

Adobe demonstrated the software enhancement to us using, primarily, a composited image. They took a layer that contained a clipped train and wanted to place it on tracks found on another layer that happened to have a different perspective.

fstoppers snap-before

You can see pretty clearly the vanishing points don't match. Perspective Warp can fix it. First, align the two sides of an image at an edge. You have the ability to control each plane separately, at least to the degree that they connect on one side.

fstoppers snap-after

Then you just adjust the lines of each plane to fit with the perspective of each side of the part of the image you want to warp. Here, they go for the front and side of the train.

fstoppers front_plane2

fstoppers drag_left2

fstoppers front_wheel

fstoppers grounded2

fstoppers side_vanish3

After that, you can just drag the perspective points into place.

fstoppers ps-cc-jan-perspective-warp_552x364

And the image fits together pretty nicely.

fstoppers train_final composite


Adobe also demonstrated how it could be used on buildings and architecture:

fstoppers transform_seq

Keep in mind, these images were smart cropped before warping. The software was not creating image out of nothingness (which would be pretty spectacular, let me tell you). That said, it is still a handy tool to have in your back pocket if you find non-vertical lines in your architecture, or just want to adjust the perspective of an image to something more pleasing to the eye.

The other two updates allow for easy 3D printing directly out of Photoshop, the feature Adobe seemed most excited about:

"With today’s release of Photoshop CC, designs can be printed to a locally connected 3D printer or via built-in access to popular online 3D print services. Photoshop CC supports the most popular desktop 3D printers, such as the MakerBot Replicator, and also supports the full range of high quality materials available on Shapeways -- the 3D printing community and marketplace -- including ceramics, metals, and full color sandstone. Additionally, Photoshop users can now directly upload their 3D models to the Sketchfab 3D publishing service, and embed them in their Behance profile using Sketchfab’s interactive 3D viewer."

Finally, and linked Smart Objects are an update that makes a smart object recognize changes, even if it is edited in another program. So let's say I edit a photo on one computer, and that photo is linked to a poster someone else is designing on another computer. His machine will show updates to that image automatically, which speeds up team workflows considerably.

While 3D printing and linked Smart Objects are cool, we imagine the feature that relates to you guys most is the Perspective Warp feature, which we will be testing out shortly. All these updates are rolling out to users starting right now, so keep an eye on your CC updater for the prompt to get the new features.

I will leave you with this interesting and somewhat whimsical composite image Adobe made to show off Perspective Warp:

fstoppers adobe being whimsy perspective warp tool

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Jaron Schneider is an Fstoppers Contributor and an internationally published writer and cinematographer from San Francisco, California. His clients include Maurice Lacroix, HD Supply, SmugMug, the USAF Thunderbirds and a host of industry professionals.

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haha.. nice work. Adobe is in the forefront with innovations. Its no wonder they are the market leader

Um, no, they're the market leader because they bought everyone else out. They're a monopoly, actually...

sooo - if they are the market leaders, if they could buy out the competition - where does the money come from? exactly, by selling great products for years. there are enough alternatives out there - noone used them for a very good reason...

and all those people bitching about the subscription model - pffft... cant afford the 60€ per month? maybe you should overthink your careers then. i heard mcdonals is hiring....

60 Euro's isn't a trivial amount when spread over time. Most photographers don't earn large salaries so I'd say you're off the mark on this comment.

like i said - if you cant afford 60€ a month you deffinetly doing something wrong. either youre too cheap, not good enough to get hired or just not enough of a businessman (as cruel as it sounds - its a business after all) 60€? thats less what most people charge per hour - at least serious people, people called pros for a reason... well, others maybe have to work 2, 3 hours for that. still not a big deal.. so get over it.

may i come up with an assumption? most of you complaining used pirated software before. i didnt. for me its easier to raise 60€ every month than 3000€ every 2 years.....

Exactly, I do graphics and photography just as a little side-business. Maybe only 20-30 hours a month. My first two hours more than pays for CC, and I get ALL the apps and updates, support, etc. I say it's a great deal for anyone actually making money in this field. If you're just a weekend Photoshopper who uses it for their own purposes, than yeah, it probably does seem steep.

Yes, once up and running, but lots of people have to ramp up initially and that's when it's not so trivial an expense. It doesn't mean one isn't "good enough". Sigh. For the record, it's not a financial constraint for me either. Does that suddenly make me 'good enough'?

exactly the opposite is the case, dont you see that? its so much easier to pull 60€ out of your account each month than 3000 once.... especially when your just starting, when you ramp up initially. see it that way - before cc you had to make the 3k purchase to get you business running. which is quite some cash. now you can spend 60€ each month - doesnt hurt that bad. and if your business doesnt work out after lets say 6 months you "just" blew 360, not 3k. you might resell, but you still probably loose more than that.... and if youre good enough (in shooting, editing AND selling) it works out - heck, then the 60€ aint a big deal at all and you happy about getting always the absolute newest version, new features, blablabla...

Agreed. If you can't bankroll €60 per month then obviously you don't have a professional need for Photoshop and the other software included in the suite. Most people would earn that back within the first hour of using the software. I for one thing that the Creative Cloud is one of the best steps that Adobe have taken and I rely on their software 360 days a year.

Oh, and cool features!

I guess you also think Microsoft rose to where they are by selling great products, ay?

Samething as I said. Windows was ridiculously easy to copy but since everyone got use to it, companies didn't have a choice to get a familiar OS so employees don't need extra training....

They are aLLLLL against pirating officially tho.... -_-

Not only that but they made sure their product were easy to copy so that hobbyist, students, etc get used to them. Once they make the move to pro/graduate, they have to have legit copies soooo...

Makes me curious to see when Adobe start to fully exploit the fact that users have to pay monthly for their products (and its updates) regardless of whether a so called update really deserves that name.
Let's face it, just adding a few tiny features doesn't justify a full update users would otherwise miss out in favor of the next version.

another update is in....
patch tool can work on empty layer.


Okay, all Adobe hate/comments aside folks... this feature looks really useful for composting! Excited to try it out!

Adobe TV player... if you thought YouTube's new dash playback system was crap, try this for size. :|

Is it me or does the final train photo look weird, like the front, upper part of the engine is pointed up as if ready to take off? Plus the scale of the engine to last car seems wrong.