[Funny] The Incredible Work Of Photographer Clayton Sotos

In this hilarious spoof on Dell Inspiron, European photographer, Clayton Sotos, begins explaining that his father bought him a camera out of the blue and he’s been taking photos ever since. From there he blabbers on about how using Dell products helps him to communicate his passion or whatever (00:001-02:00). Then… it gets weird. I won’t spoil the joke—you just have to watch the video. (And no, Dell didn’t actually produce it.) Enjoy!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!  Holycrap that is hilarious!  nasty too!

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This is hilarious. I love serious/funny videos. This one takes the cake. 

I am laughing so hard right now.

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Where is the video?!?!

Mike Tarsitano's picture

Ya where is the video?  

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I can't see the video!


LOL. I will one day achieve this.

Well shot/edited, but kind of a long way to go for a fart joke.

That model is always naked on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job.  Winterman won't come unless you eat your fair share of hair!  Good Video.

she's hot.

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HAHAHAHAHA shit.... i was sitting and eating some pea-soup when i watch this video... Wasn't sure if i should lmao or start cry xD But it was a hilarious end(ing)!

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dang...I was eating lunch while watching this....lunch will never be the same again

Dude, I'm getting a Dell.

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