Ill-Matched Song Choice in Official 'Murder on the Orient Express' Movie Trailer Spurs Parodies

It’s moviemaking 101: make sure the music used in a film is compatible with the emotion that is being conveyed on screen. Today, the official trailer for the upcoming film “Murder on the Orient Express” was released and immediately viewers took note of the peculiarly bad selection of soundtrack. One Reddit user took it upon themselves to show us just how much worse it could have been.

The trailer for this year’s “Murder on the Orient Express” release (shown above) begins with ambient noises of a passenger train car rolling through a snowy mountain setting. It’s an eerie introduction, and continuing into the trailer extreme shifts in volume are used to create a thrilling murder mystery atmosphere. By the time we see all the main players in the ensemble cast including Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, and Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot, we are sold into the Agatha Christie story and right there on the train with them.

Suddenly, commercial rock band Imagine Dragons begins playing their tune to help snap you out of it all.

Comments from the trailer's YouTube page.
Comments on the trailer's /r/movies Reddit post.

Reddit user deftspyder used it as an opportunity to mix in new, somehow far worse choices in music selection in these hilarious parodies below.

Now class, what have we learned today?

[via Reddit]

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Gleb Volkov's picture

These were great! I just made one more:

Edward O'Connor's picture

Brilliant haha

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I missed this one from the original list, so Thank you! :D

Mark Davidson's picture

I loved the story and it looks to be a great film but Branagh looks more like Wyatt Earp than what I think Christie had in mind. David Suchet is the standard.

David Moore's picture

Yeah, when they panned out I was like "the hell is some wild west guy doing on this train?" haha

Gleb Volkov's picture

Yep. My first thought was "Hey! He looks nothing like David Suchet, I'll never believe this is Poirot..."

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You could have written this article about any number of movies in the last 20 years. It seems like for every other movie, they ask each other, 'What kind of music should we use' and everyone answers at the same time, 'Heavy metal...duh!' It drive me nuts! The music from this trailer is mild in comparison to some others. Still inappropriate but not the worst I've heard.

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I couldn't resist, I made one too


Soooo good :) 'bout lost it laughing hysterically by the time I got to the Who Let The Dogs Out, hahaha!

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"…What have we learned today?"

If somebody has a fun, creative idea and posts it on the internet, dozens of people will immediately copy them so they can be one of the "cool kids," too. ;)

Well, actually, we all already knew that, didn't we?

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LMAO...internet has never got its chills back

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Making the bad choice of music is easy everyone can do it.
Who can make the so call the right music ending?

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the best. hahahhahahaha

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Wonderful to see the parody , well done, great story

joe o sullivan's picture

The Austin Powers one wins it for me, hands down! I love when the internet does shit like this.. :-)