Let's Call Today a Rest Day and Get That All Done Tomorrow

Do you have trouble getting tasks done in a timely manner? Always getting distracted by social media or Fstoppers' great articles? So does Lazy Ghost in this funny sketch by College Humor. 

Right after the holidays with the cold New England winter upon me, I start the new year with a massive list of things I want to get done and achieve in the upcoming months. However, this time of year when everything, even nature, seems to slow down, I do just about everything but what's on my list. Like the character of Lazy Ghost, no matter what amazing reward lies at the end of getting things done there is always some reason or excuse I can come up with to avoid doing my work. Whether that's seemingly constructive things like organizing and cleaning my outdoor gear or binging some great show on Netflix. 

Can you too relate to this humorous sketch video from the talented people over at College Humor? I think this is a common and inherent fact of running your own business or being a freelancer, something we all deal with at times and have to learn how to overcome. For me, trying new ways to structure my time management is a never-ending battle to solve this issue.

So what type of things do you do when you can't seem to get started on work? What are your tips for getting past that lazy block in your life? Let us know in the comments.

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