The Most Hilarious Call of Duty Promo Trailer of All Time: The KillCameraman

Featuring the one and only comedian Randall Higgins, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc has released this outstanding trailer for what they call the "KillCameraman." Poking fun at the obvious first person shooter point of view and how there's always a replay and video playback in a video game war zone. This is just an all around fun and perfect promo video to entertain us before the release of the new in-game bonus packs.

Yes, the video is outrageously silly, but from a marketing standpoint it's genius. Although I could have also seen this type of ad campaign used on a larger scale, such as a full game release rather than a bonus pack of maps and levels. It's just too good not to keep them coming. I really do appreciate the humor in the marketing tactic, and to place comedic gold like Higgins in the middle of it all just made photographers everywhere wish this exciting action-packed ad was a real gig.

[via Adweek]

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Scott Mosley's picture

this is awesome!

Joe Gunawan's picture

Bad ass! Would love to see the BTS for this! I wonder how much is live and how much is green screen

Jon Clayton's picture


Anonymous's picture

3 minutes and 53 seconds... not even a smirk.

You guys should find a skit mocking child rape or genocide next.

Jayson Carey's picture

Who shit in your Cheerios this morning?

Anonymous's picture

I just don't think War is entertaining and it's definitely not funny.

Ralph Berrett's picture

My suggestion do not ever work as a photojournalist. You develop a real dark gallows sense of humor much like this commercial. It reminded me of many of the 187 & 914 calls I went on. This a extremely funny.

Anonymous's picture

I pity you.

Ralph Berrett's picture

You don't get out often do you? You need to get out of your parents' basement. ;)

I have lost count of how many people I have seen died. You can laugh or you can cry and sometimes there is not much difference.

Anonymous's picture

I get out quite often and I own my home. I've filmed 3 motorcycle fatalities on my gopro and destroyed the footage out of respect for the families and the deceased every single time.

You and I just feel differently about death.

Ralph Berrett's picture

The difference here it is was my job was to cover the news. Like I said you would not make it as a photojournalist.

Anonymous's picture

I have zero interest in photojournalism so I'll agree with you 100% on that one.

Joe Schmitt's picture

Relax, dude. It's a freakin game promo. Take it for what it is and enjoy the creative. Geez.

christian lacasse's picture

That's amazing!! Well done. Hail the cameraman :D

Ralph Berrett's picture

I love the gallows sense of humor. It reminded me of the times I covered crime or accidents, we had that same sense of dark humor.

Jason Connel's picture

WTH!!! That dood under bid me on that job. He is doing it for $250 a day!!! Can you believe THAT $250!!!!! I told them no way I could do it for $250. I told them I would by $3K a day plus expenses, and then my creative license fee of $12K a year. They told me to shove my estimate up my…..

Come on!!! How are photographers suppose to pay their bills on that much less buy all that gear. He must be a trust fund photog.