Photoshopped Cats As Sports Equipment

Photoshopped Cats As Sports Equipment

Everyone knows the Internet was invented so people could look at photos of cats.

In the latest interwebs chuckle, Sports Balls Replaced With Cats just upped that ante by swapping out sporting equipment with furry felines.

To see more photoshopped hilarity head over to the Facebook page right meow.

sportsballs06sportsballs02sportsballs03 sportsballs04 sportsballs07 sportsballs08 sportsballs09 sportsballs11 sportsballs12

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But....the internet is so pro-kitten.

What kind of monster would make these photos!?

Lets just hope a certain animal rights group doesn't see this post...

:DD I think members of animal rights group know how to laugh to a joke? c'moooon.

Crap. Dogs have figured out how to use photoshop. I'm going to have to step up my game.

good ide.. poorly executed

I think the person that shopped these works for Iran and N.Korea as a image retoucher

Photoshop Fail.

Terrible photoshopping....and published here.....

Pretty funny. I'm sure some people will get all up in arms and think that this promotes abuse of cats, but I say it promotes feline exercise which is a much more important issue.

I think the poor photoshopping is perhaps intentional. If you make it look real... well, there are a lot of gullible people out there who like to get mad about things. And even angrier once they learn it's fake.
Not to mention that, since it's just a joke, they might not have felt the need to make it spectacular.
Would have been funnier for the reasonable rest of us though if more time were spent on the photoshopping.

Why is Lionel Messi's hand black?

Why?!?! These images are just plain dumb and poorly done.

laughing so hard I think I pulled a muscle.

Seriously? Is this what Fstoppers has become?

go back to Humor 101 twat.

It's not the humor, dumbass--it's the fact that Fstoppers, a usually informative source of photographic news, videos, and other interesting things photographic, has stooped to poorly photoshopped photos of cats. And is it REALLY necessary to call someone you don't know a "twat?" Interwebz ballz FTMFL.

You spend FAR too much of your time on blogs insulting peoples posts, this isn't YouTube, Felipe.

poorly done, but amusing none the less