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Selfie-off: Kobe Bryant Vs. Lionel Messi

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi and Basketball All-Star Kobe Bryant joined forces once again, and with the help of Turkish Airlines they went on a quest of awesome selfies around the world. When the biggest sports stars in the world compete - it doesn't matter if they compete in soccer, basketball, chess, air hockey or photography - they will give all they have to win. The real winner? Probably Turkish Airlines.

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Timothy Jace's picture

For a moment, i thought they were selling smartphones... But nice ad :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

Me too. Probably a lot of folks won't remember it's for Turkish Air.

Marek Alliksoo's picture

Great and creative commercials from Turkish Airlines.
Here's the one from last year for additional Messi vs Kobe fun:

Timothy Jace's picture

Yeah, i like this first one.

judith tan's picture

By the time Messi retires, no one will be able to break his records. Not the greatest yet he is only behind Diego Maradona and Alferdo Di stefano. ie "Pele is the fourth on my list".