Shooting A Wedding? Don't Eat On Camera

Shooting a wedding will wear anyone out and of course we all need food and water to keep going. Make sure that when you do grab something to eat, you don't walk behind someone giving a toast... and being filmed. Also, you may want to wear a shirt with a collar. 

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Hahahahahha. Classic.

The best part is when he realizes whats happening and dives off camera.

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bahahah! oh dear. "Cut!" "take 2"..oh wait.

Lol! Don't worry buddy. It was so quick no one saw you. Lol!

HaHa! His face was priceless.

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Don't think content aware is gonna help them too much on that one...

aah no problem easy to mask out!


best thing I've seen all day!

That will be a nice memory for them. My first wedding shoot will be next month so I don't have much experience but wouldn't it make sense for a wedding photographer to KEEP HIS EYES OPEN??

yeah, if he was the "official" photog, he def should have been on THIS side of them, and shooting, not eating....

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Love it.


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 They can edit video with Troll face over photog`s face :D

Haha!!!! =)