Website Turns Any Photograph Into an Emoji Mosaic

Website Turns Any Photograph Into an Emoji Mosaic

Sometimes, the web does some weird things and we are blessed with a time-sucking gift from the Internet gods. Today's miracle comes from Web Developer Eric Andrew Lewis, who works for the New York Times. Eric's tool was made in his spare time and allows you to upload any photo you want and within seconds, spits out a pretty decent rendering of an emoji mosaic of the same image.

The Internet loves its emojis and while we didn't ask for a emoji mosaic generator, we are not complaining about its existence. First, I tried a selfie I have stored on my laptop and got pretty good results.

There are no settings, tweaks or expertise required. Simply choose a file and wait a few seconds for your freshly baked, emoji-filled image to appear. Based off of a few trials, the images turn out pretty decently. Landscapes worked too, though I wouldn't zoom in too far since you start to lose a lot of details, like in the example below.

Our thirst for emoji probably has not been quenched. This is a cool use of the increasingly popular ideograms. Now, go try it out with your own images and post them in the comments. Just make sure you don't spend too many hours uploading images like I did and realize it was already 3 p.m.

[via Gizmodo via Eric Andrew Lewis]

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