'We've Got That B-Roll' Is a Hilarious Take on 'Ordinary People Doing Things'

Two old men fly fishing? Hip couple entertaining party guests? Angry man in traffic? They've got that b-roll. Check out this hilarious sketch that pokes fun at all that generic footage you've seen for years.

I had never thought about it before I watched this, but I suppose all those "angry man in traffic" and "doctor talking to smiling patient" clips I've seen in late-night infomercials had to come from somewhere. Apparently, it came from We've Got That B-Roll, where they specialize in "ordinary people doing things." Coming to you from CREAM Sketch Comedy, this video made me feel like I was reliving every terrible drug commercial (I still don't know why so many of them insist on using the couple at the ocean shot) and get rich quick investment infomercial (no more frustrated man looking for a job in the paper!) that have been permanently seared into my memory from many late nights flipping between "Sportscenter" and "Walker, Texas Ranger" reruns. I could even choose how I relived it: casual, upscale casual, or business. Just don't ask about Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series Game One game-winning home run. That's too specific. That is not b-roll. Have a laugh and enjoy your Monday!

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Man, someone's on a B-Roll binge today, eh? Or is it B-Roll... roll? Anyway, all this B-Rolling reminded me of a B-Roll classic: the legendary Barry Rollings, a.k.a. The Father of B-Roll :) https://vimeo.com/117810282

Alex Cooke's picture

This is amazing. hahahaha

But not ethnically diverse.

Ryan Bartels's picture

It was "woman trying to open a jar" and "turtleneck fights" that really sold me though.