Charming Outtakes Show Off the Candid Life of a Commercial Videographer

It’s the moments between our accomplishments that define us. Particularly in an age of social media, with its carefully curated posts, profiles, and portfolios, it can be hard to appreciate the part of your persona that nobody was ever meant to see. That is until you realize that little bit of you just might be the most real. This certainly seems like the case for Iowa-based Videographer and Producer Tyce Hoskins, whose GoPro outtake reel, “GoPro & I,” is generating buzz for being, well, sort of unprofessional.

“Whenever I shot a GoPro time-lapse, I had to cut out the first couple frames because it's my face awkwardly making sure the red light is blinking,” Hoskins told Fstoppers. “I also noticed these moments in a lot of video clips.” The candid visions of himself prompted Hoskins to began working on a short script that would be an homage to the three years he has spent with his GroPro Hero 3. “When editing a project, I started a new timeline and just dropped in a few of the random beginnings and endings to see if it looked cool,” he said. “And it wasn’t bad.”

The video was picked up by Adweek, and Hoskins said the response has been surprising. A video full of outtakes where the producer is caught in “wanderlust,” “in love,” and “in a moment” was apparently un-commercial enough to draw some attention to a guy who spends a lot time (pun intended) making commercials. “GoPro & I” is heartwarming, fun, and well worth your two minutes. Hoskins’ narration adds a sense of familiarity to the type of moments he’s sharing and lends a credibility and heart to otherwise ambiguous clips. By the end, he feels like one your friends.

It sure makes me want to pay a little more attention to the in-between. How about you?

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Adam is the Assistant Director of Photography at Central Michigan University. He has been pushing a button for a living since 2009 and for that entire time constantly finds himself correcting people who pronounce it "fur-tographer".

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I thought I was going to hate this but I watched the whole thing. A nice relief from the 93% of go pro videos of mountain bikes and skateboards.