Are You Ready To Improve the Sharpness of Your Landscape Photos?

Do you struggle with getting your landscape photography photos in focus? Or are you confused about when you can use one shot to keep things in focus or need to focus stack? This video addresses how to focus to get sharp landscape photography images.

Where to focus to get sharp landscape photography images is a frequent question among landscape photographers. Even if you know higher apertures increase your depth of field, where do you put your focus point? Nigel Danson talks about how to correctly focus for sharp images for your landscape photography.

Danson starts by defining the basics of focus, including depth of field, aperture, focal length diffraction, and more. Being familiar with these elements helps form the foundation to understand how different camera settings and focal lengths affect what is in focus and influence where the focus point should be.

Danson also talks about an important but often overlooked impact on the sharpness of an image: diffraction. He explains how this happens at higher apertures and how this causes softness to the entire image despite the deeper depth of field. 

I also found Danson’s thoughts on how often a photographer needs to focus stack informative. I know in the past I focus stacked more often than I needed to because I did not fully understand depth of field and hyperfocal distance. 

Jeffrey Tadlock's picture

Jeffrey Tadlock is an Ohio-based landscape photographer with frequent travels regionally and within the US to explore various landscapes. Jeffrey enjoys the process and experience of capturing images as much as the final image itself.

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