Easy 360-Degree Photo and Video Editing on Your Phone

Today, a wide range of solutions are available for capturing a 360 degree still or video movie. You can even produce these on your phone.

But the software solutions for editing the results can be limited in capabilities, painful to use, or tied to the particular camera manufacturer. In this video by Ben Claremont, we are introduced to ReShoot 360, a cell phone app (available for iPhones and Android phones), which does a great job of handling 360-degree photos and videos.

Some of the common edits which need to be done on 360 images are to re-center the initial viewpoint and straighten the horizon line, both easily handled by ReShoot 360. Re-framing of shots in various social media aspect ratios are supported, and 360 stills can be turned into slowly panning videos by default, or you can set keyframes in the video for more sophisticated view panning. Output formats include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in portrait or landscape orientations, as well as standard JPG and MP4 files for viewing on a laptop.

If you’ve shot your 360 panoramas on your DSLR or mirrorless camera and stitched it with a program such as PTGUI, you can upload it to your phone and do final editing there. And for Android-compatible Chromebooks, ReShoot 360 works fine, and with the plus of being able to take advantage of a larger screen for the editing.

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