It's That Time of Year Again: Get Outdoors and Visit the Nearest Woodlands

Fall is here folks and that means that if you're able to get outside, you should definitely not miss the chance to do so. We have lots of articles and videos going around about fall colors with tips and tricks about making the most of your outdoor excursions this time of year. Here's another really great video definitely worth your time with some great information about rivers, fall colors, and some macro photography.

If there was ever a time of year to be outdoors chasing a shot, I would say that the fall season is absolutely that time. The colors and textures are like something out of a dream so it makes perfect sense that as photographer's we'd like to capture that scene. In this video, the folks over at NatureTTL treat us to three different scenes and themes along with some great ideas and tips for shooting each scene.

First, we see the river, a favorite for many photographers as with the use of ND filters the water can achieve that extra dreamy-fantasy feeling from much shooting with much slower shutter speeds. Our host makes great points about the use of foreground elements, sometimes being ideal for the image and other times not necessary to get hung up on. He also makes sure to point out the uses of and benefits of using a polarizing filter when working in a scene with a lot of potential glare or very strong highlights (like a riverbed for example).

The next scene is a creative use of motion blur in the trees, something that I have not seen a lot of and never thought to do myself. Definitely some more creative elements at play when you start talking about introducing motion blur into a still scene like the trees in the woods. It's really great to see something unexpected like this segment; something that I've never seen before like this has me really thinking of other possible ways to experiment with motion blur in still situations.

Lastly, we see a macro element, in this case, forest mushrooms (how cool is that?). Macro is something that has always been very interesting to me so it's awesome to see that happening out on a nature adventure like this. It has me wondering when the last time I actually saw a natural grouping of mushrooms in the woods! Once again the host hits the viewer with some extra tips great for when you find yourself out there on your own. The use of the LED to create a back-light is a cool touch that is so simple to achieve.

The video is short and to the point, covering each situation in an easy to understand manner while covering the basics and still introducing some more creative elements you can try for yourself. As I've said before, fall is without question my favorite time and year. Every year is a bit different (depending on where you live of course it may be drastically different) sometimes the fall season stays warm and seems to last forever while other years an early winter storm keeps the fall season far too short. Don't miss the chance, plan an adventure and get out there this season.

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