Aputure Announces Eight Light RGB Bulb Kit Complete With Charging Case

Aputure Announces Eight Light RGB Bulb Kit Complete With Charging Case

Aputure has released a number of cost-effective and innovative lights for photographers and videographers in the last few years. Now, one of their most popular lights (and most innovative for that matter) can come as a complete solution.

Aputure's B7c is one of those lights that seems utterly pointless unless you already understand how you would use it, then it's genius. The Aputure B7c is a screw-in bulb — yes, an ordinary bulb like you would use on lamps — accept it's not your average bulb, it's a fully controllable RGB LED, with a full-color spectrum, standalone battery, 0-100% dimmer, and special effects. The bulb is controllable through Bluetooth using the Sidus Link app, which makes this one of the best practical lights around at the moment.

If you're not sure what a practical light is, it's a supplementary light, typically used in videography and cinema, to add interest to the scene without impacting the exposure. These lights are typically lamps or other small, fairly dim lights, and they add a lot of atmosphere and realism to a set.

The Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW LED 8-light kit with charging case was announced today for $799 and will ensure you're never lacking for practical lights.

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davidlovephotog's picture

Great, now make cases available to buy since some of us already have tons of bulbs or MCs, etc.

g coll's picture

Looks fantastic!

T Van's picture

Nice! And 700 bucks ain't too bad either! I'd be adding this to any real estate photography kit.

RT Simon's picture

This may be one of the most practical digital products ever designed. Really inexpensive.

RT Simon's picture

They are in stock as of today. I just ordered.