How to Light and Shoot Portraits in the Rain

It is not something we do often, but shooting portraits in the rain can be a great way to give your images a different look that captures the eye. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to light and shoot compelling portraits in the rain. 

Coming to you from Mark Wallace with Adorama TV, this neat video tutorial will show you how to light and shoot portraits in the rain. Of course, you should protect your camera and lighting equipment. Even if they are weather-resistant (and the light likely is not), it is never a bad idea to err on the side of being cautious. But in addition to your equipment, your model may wish to keep their hair from getting wet (notice how the model, Maria Gomez, is wearing a hat for the shoot). That being said, another way around this or a way to shoot without a hat is to position your model in a way such that it looks like they are outside but they are actually protected, such as shooting from inside a garage with your model positioned just at the door. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Wallace. 

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Alex H's picture

Absolutely one of my favorite methods. We had a surprise midday snowstorm in April and I used a similar setup in my driveway, but with an octobox as the key light and a Magsphere modifier on the back light. Dragged my poor wife outside and went until she got too cold. Love how off camera flash catches precipitation and the flash in the back gives a nice accent - especially around the hood. I'll want to try it again this summer with my kids and a hose sprayer to fake the rain and keep more of my gear dry.