Using Fake Windows to Create More Interesting Light

When we learn about lighting, we most often focus on the quality of the light and all the things that contribute to that. However, light can be more than just that which gives you the correct exposure and renders your subject in a flattering manner. It can be used to add mood and interesting atmosphere to an image. This great video tutorial will show you one such example using a fake window to complete a shot's aesthetic.

Coming to you from The Bite Shot, this neat video tutorial will show you how to use a fake window to add more visual interest to an image. Though it is a still life in this case, this sort of technique is useful for a wide range of genres, such as portraiture and more, as you can take the use of light and shadow beyond simply rendering your subject and turn it into a way to convey mood or add more realism to a scene. In fact, if you enjoy creating such patterns between light and shadow, investing in a gobos system can be a fun way to experiment with adding more visual interest to your shots. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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